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Life in the Two Week Wait

This is shamelessly stolen from Shinxie, a poster on babycentre.co.uk, but it made me laugh and so I had to share.

Day 1 – I have loads of patience, I’m gonna be totally cool.

Day 2 – Afraid to pee ! what if I pee out the sperm?

Day 3 – Damn im tired.. could this be a sign ?

Day 4 – Not tired today.. I KNEW IT >.< this cycle has FAILED!

Day 5 – If the elevator doesnt stop at the 10th floor it means im pregnant.

Day 6 – I want a glass of wine dammit !… but I wont…


Day 8 – One week down…I just KNOW I’m pregnant

Day 9 – Why aren’t my boobs sore?!

Day 10 – Why is everyone not caring enough for me, don’t they know I might be pregnant!?

Day 11 – POAS results – BFN

Day 12 – Angry calls to people just to rant and vent out!

Day 13 – I hate the world everyone can KISS MY BARREN ASS!

Day 14 – HPT – Oh cool BFP 😀

I am weak.

I failed, dear reader, I failed.

For whatever reason I picked up the thermometer again and I took my temperature this morning. It is sky high, it has shot up higher than I have ever seen it to a whopping 37.2/99.08 degrees. Now I’m wondering ooooo is this a triphasic chart?

I am DYING to POAS, though logically I know I am only 8dpo and the chance of getting anything other than a BFN is so slight as to be statistically insignificant.

The bizarre vivid dreams continue, last night it was John C. Reilly, a fine actor, but seriously, Chris Martin was running around there at some point too yet my brain plumps to hook me up with John C. Reilly? Stupid brain, stop picking people I like and respect and go for the smoking hot ones instead please.

So here’s how my chart looks now (I adjusted the temp last Saturday to make that come up as my ovulation day as I’m fairly certain that’s when it happened).