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I think I’m safe in saying this is a BFP. 14 DPO today and I think I might start believing it. It’s strange, I wasn’t a bit backward about posting the details of ovulation tests and cervical mucus but I debated with myself about whether or not to post these positive tests. I guess there is a part of me that is scared something will be wrong and it would be very hard to come back and post about that outcome, but I’m going to be positive.

This is a positive test and there is a distinct possibility that come May I will be holding a brand new, squishy little baby. I am so excited and it’s extra nice to get it confirmed today because it’s my husband’s birthday.

Next I want to confirm it with a digital test. I guess it’s just nice to see the word Pregnant spelt out without a shadow of a doubt, then it’ll be off to my doctor to confirm it with them before making my booking appointment with the midwives.

Stick baby, stick!

Here’s a sight for sore eyes…


I’m taking a cautiously optimistic approach to this chart. The solid cross hairs are a good sign, the temp rise is pretty convincing, more convincing than it’s ever been in the past. Also in the past I’ve only ever got the dotted crosshairs that say “we think maybe you ovulated,” the solid crosshairs say “we’re fairly certain.”

So I *think* I’m in the two week wait (2ww) now. I’ve dropped the evening primrose oil and the agnus castus but I’m continuing on with the folic acid and the vitamin b6. I have no idea what length of a luteal phase to expect (chances are it may be short) so I’m hoping the b6 will help that.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of days googling supplements or foods that can help with implantation. I love the internet, it’s fabulous for getting all sorts of information and for settling arguments over where you saw a particular actor in the tv show or movie before, and in some ways it’s great for getting information on ttc and fertility, but in other ways it’s a ruddy nightmare. Someone at google or microsoft or wherever needs to develop a bullshit filter.

When it comes to fertility, pregnancy and birth, because no one can (or wants to) experiment on pregnant women (and rightly so) an awful lot  information is based on anecdotal evidence. All “official” sources tread a very traditional, conservative and cautious line, so it means that the main source of information most women have are forums which abound with misinformation, disinformation and old wives tales. It’s hard sorting out the fact from the fiction and the harmless from the downright dangerous.

For example roughly half the posts I came across suggested eating pineapple core or drinking pineapple juice to help implantation, the other half said it causes miscarriages. I’m inclined to think that if pineapple does do anything it probably has to be consumed in vast amounts to make any difference (I seem to recall reading that pineapple can bring on labour, but you’d need to eat around 8 of them for them to have any effect – again I don’t know if that is utter bullshit or not). Then there’s people self-medicating with baby aspirin (I’ll admit it’s efficacy is proven and well-understood) or any number of other supplements like natural progesterone cream, agnus castus or soy (I’m guilty of the last two). I could of course have a conversation with my doctor about this but I doubt she’s even heard of them, let alone knows anything much about their actions. I swear by using evening primrose oil to soften the cervix before labour but I’d never discuss it with the uber conservative midwives in my area (there was one in particular I was discussing the position of my baby with before my last homebirth, I told her the baby was left occipito anterior – which was written in my notes by my doctor – and she asked if it meant the baby was breach *face palm*).

Pretty much every site has a disclaimer but it still leaves desperate women in the position of taking potential dangerous substances because of a lack of clear information. For example in the last day alone I’ve read posts from one women with PCOS who is taking huge doses of soy isoflavones and another who was getting their soy from a vitamin complex for menopausal women  (and therefore about 8 times the RDA of vitamin A – a teratogenic substance linked to all sorts of birth defects). Scary stuff.

So back to my plan – 50mg of vitamin B, my recommended dosage of folic acid, lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, lots of fibre, a bit of gentle exercise and switching to caffeine free tea.

And maybe I might have a wee glass of red wine.

Friday Happy Dance

Now this is without a doubt a positive OPK. The line is even darker than the one I got a couple of days ago (which I was counting as positive, but really now I compare the two it wasn’t).

I know that a positive OPK does not an ovulation make but this is the most encouraging thing I have seen in the past year or more and to say that I am delighted is an understatement, and for a change I’m having all the other signs lining up nicely too.

I think it must have been a combination of the soy isoflavins and cutting back on the breastfeeding that has done it.

I just desperately hope that I see a nice temp rise over the weekend.  Come on egg!

The Monday Morning Pee Stick

 It would just super to say that this is a pregnancy test and it’s my BFP, but it’s not. It’s an ovulation test and I can’t make up my made whether it’s a big fat anything.

Are you confused following this blog? because I’m confused as hell trying to work out what’s going on with my body.

You see on the one hand my temperature had appeared to have risen (they fell again this morning but that’s a whole other story) and that would have suggested that maybe I might have ovulated.  But as I’ve said before I’ve seen this a dozen times and I put no stock in it. It’ll take a baby or a period before I believe it.

So while I was looking at my temps and wondering if my ovaries had woken up I was continuing on with my measures to try and wake them up.This meant taking the cocktail of supplements I posted about last week, including the “natural clomid” Soy Isoflavones. The way my chart has gone over the weekend I think it’s unlikely that I have ovulated but this little test above is giving me just a tiny bit of hope that maybe the soy isoflavones have done their job and maybe I’m going to ovulate. It’s probably a good thing that just by coincidence my hubby has this week booked off work.

You know one day I look forward to posting and saying something definitive, these ifs and buts and maybes are a real pain in the ass.

In Conclusion

There was one test left in the packet so I did it this morning, not because I think I am pregnant or anything of the like but I just wanted to see if I would get a second line again, and I did. I looked over the packaging and couldn’t find CE marks or Kite Marks so they truly are the biggest pile of rubbish.

There wasn’t even a hint of asparagus about my morning wee so I conclude it’s not that. I feel sorry for anyone who has bought these tests that doesn’t have my obsessive streak. I was sceptical from the start. I think it would have been much harder if I had taken it as a genuine BFP.

But it’s all behind me now and I’m moving onwards.

I’ve decided to give soy isoflavones a go. I picked up a pack of them yesterday. The idea if that they trick your body into thinking that your oestrogen is low and so stimulates the hormones involved in ovulation. They’ve been called “natural clomid”, and like clomid, you take them for just 5 days. You are supposed to do this at the beginning of your cycle. As I am in the interesting position of not having a cycle it’s hard for me to judge when to take them so (in true scientific fashion) I decided bugger it and took my first dose last night. Yesterday I took 80mg, today and tomorrow I will take 120mg and then 160mg on Wednesday and Thursday.

My vitamin regime is getting more complicated. Currently I’m taking

  • 50mg of vitamin b6 to balance hormones and promote a proper length luteal phase
  • 1000mg of evening primrose oil to promote production and increase quality of cervical mucus (Gwads I hate that term, cervical fluid is really no better. Gross).
  • 400µg of Folic acid – an important DNA precursor and important for preventing neural tube defects
  • 800mg of agnus castus – not pictured because I ran out.
  • and the soy isoflavones regime described above

I’ve had to drop my reflexology sessions in the meantime though because my therapist friend fell and broke her wrist last weekend.

I’ll admit I am a bit dubious about using the soy isoflavones because I don’t think that I know enough about them and I have found zero information appropriate to women in my particular situation but I’m figuring that I’ll take them for these 5 days, see what happens and if nothing does I’ll wait until my period finally shows to try them again.

Can’t hurt to try, I hope.