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Slow Progress

My living room smells of clary sage oil, I’m sitting on a birthing ball and bouncing up and down while I type (which, let me assure you, is technically challenging). I’ve just returned from an hour long reflexology session that brought on some doozies of contractions. I feel tired, impatient and a bit weepy.

I’ve been having irregular contractions since Thursday afternoon. Yesterday I had a good three hour run where they were coming every 10 minutes, but they weren’t very strong and were only lasting 30-40 seconds. My SPD has kicked up a notch and I’m just feeling very sorry for myself.

I think that if the baby was head down or even engaged and applying a bit of pressure to my cervix I’d be motoring along the labour highway instead of struggling to pull out of the driveway.

I’d love to know if something is happening, if any of this is making the blindest bit of difference to the state of my nethers but I’m reluctant to ring the FAU. I think after two trips there this week they are going to think I’m some sort of over-eager, over-anxious, time waster.

I don’t know. I don’t know if going into natural labour with a breech baby is considered a big deal by them. I don’t know if I should treat it like I would if baby was in a cephalic presentation and just take a watch and wait approach. I feel very weepy and very unsure of myself.


A Foot-rub at theoretical 7dpo

I had my first reflexology session this morning. I’m not sure entirely what I was expecting, well I think a little part of me hoped she’d poke a toe and my ovaries would kick into action (I was going to say burst into life, but putting the words “burst” and “ovaries” together just seemed a little off). She’s asked me to come back for five more sessions, once a week, and then review things at the end of that. Right now she’s just concentrating on balancing my hormones generally and after the six weeks is up she’ll start on the fertility stuff. One thing she did say is that she reckons my thyroid levels might be a bit off. I’m not dismissing that, I do think my temperature does tend to be on the low side. I know diagnosing an underactive thyroid from a low basal body temperature alone isn’t done but it’s enough to make me wonder if I should get down to my GP and ask her to test my thyroid levels. I think extended breastfeeding and mammoth weight loss have probably done something to slow my system down, I just hope I’m not throwing an underactive thyroid into the mix.

Looking at my chart I’m still not convinced that I’ve ovulated. I also think my thermometer is on it’s last legs so I ordered a new one. On top of that I’m drastically upping my agnus castus dosage (I was taking 200mg per day, the wisdom of the internet reckons I should be on 800mg) and I’m throwing in some evening primrose oil too. I’m surprised I don’t rattle when I walk.