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OPK as HPT Progression & Clear Blue Digital Tests

Thought I would post this for anyone who is interested. I haven’t had an over abundance of pregnancy tests in the house but I do have left over OPKs. I did one on Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning and today (so 12 dpo to 15)

It’s nice to see them getting darker. Short and sweet post here but I find the whole OPK as HPT thing quite interesting!

UPDATE: I have to add this picture as well as it made me do a little happy dance

I don’t know if this is true but I did read somewhere that the conception indicator works like this

1-2 weeks – hcg level of 50-200 (96.5% accurate – the accuracy rating comes from Clear Blue’s own literature so I know that bit at least is true)

2-3 weeks – hcg level of 200-2000 (76.1% accurate)

3+ weeks – hcg level of 2000+ (96.9% accurate)

It’s also worth nothing that above 3 weeks the accuracy level can drop a lot (don’t have a specific figure about that). This is because of the Hook Effect. Basically the hcg levels can be so high that they overwhelm the test and it gives weird results. Some people testing with a regular HPT may find that they get a very faint line, or even a negative, but if they use a more dilute sample they will get a strong line again.

And to round this bit on CB Digis off here is a picture of the strips from the test after I broke it open (which you’re really not supposed to do).

The top is a low sensitivity strip and the bottom is a high sensitivity strip. I have broken a few digitals open in my time and while they might not always have lines this dark they have absolutely ALWAYS had 2 lines on the top strip and one on the bottom (kind of wish I had taken pictures before). So…. cracking open a digital is not a reliable way to determine whether or not you actually have a BFP and the digi processor just isn’t picking it up. http://www.peeonastick.com has a great section on this.

13 Rules for Peeing On A Stick

1. Pee on the stick or dip the stick for the amount of time the test instructions state, not over, not under, follow the instructions exactly.

2. Don’t sit the test down and wander off for a few hours, or jump in the shower  (filling your bathroom with steam) or do anything that will stop you looking at the test until long past the time you’re supposed to.

3. If you take a shower or wander off discount the results unless it’s an absolute blaring set of pink lines. Staring at any “oh is that a line?” will just lead to headaches. Back before the industrial revolution many people working as seamstresses, makers of pins or makers of dolls, ended up going blind because of the strain put on their eyes by this precise and delicate work. In the modern age lots of women are now suffering from this phenomenon due to staring endlessly at the colourless test lines on pee sticks.

4. If you can’t photograph it, then it probably isn’t there – obviously this excludes people that just don’t know how to use a macro setting or plain just don’t own a camera. If you do own a camera, know how to turn the flash off and use the macro setting and you just can’t line to photograph, it isn’t a line. As Bucks Fizz once sang “the camera never lies.”

5. Just because you CAN get it to photograph doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a true line either.

6. Positive lines are PINK (I’m purposely excluding blue line tests here because I believe they are the devil), and are the SAME thickness as the control line.

7. No test is completely blank, there is always something there. The antibody strip that is the test line is not invisible and when it’s wet (and sometimes when it’s dried) you can see it. It is colourless or grey.

8. Tests vary in their sensitivities and not all HPTs are created equal. You can get a positive on your very sensitive internet cheapy and then a negative on a branded test or a digital. You are pregnant, you just don’t have enough HCG in your urine for the less sensitive, more expensive tests to work.

9. HCG doubles in 48 – 73 hours. Leave it at least 2 days before testing again.

10. You POAS and get a line, two hours later you pee again and the line is fainter. This is not a sign of an impending miscarriage, how dilute your urine is (and the type of test you use, the amount of dye in it etc.) can all effect how the test looks. Leave it two days and test again.

11. It takes 7 – 10 days for implantation to occur. Any symptoms you experience before 7 DPO at the earliest are probably down to hormone fluctuations/infection/temperature/the phases of the moon. It is physically impossible to have pregnancy symptoms BEFORE implantation

12. You cannot make a test positive through sheer power of will…. if only.

13. If you are me, you daily disregard all of the above.

I should have just bought a big Toblerone….

Well the verdict is in.

Urine – negative.

Beta HCG – negative.

I asked what the level was. 1-5 is considered not pregnant, 5-20 is considered possible pregnant, re-test, above 25 is pregnant.

My level? <1.

So I can safely conclude that the pound shops tests were shite and their manufacturers are bastards.

I have a bit of rage going on about the whole thing, not least because I texted my hubby to tell him the news and that I was quite upset and he responded with “I think I have a mouth ulcer, it’s really sore. Do we have any bonjela at home?”

So I am big fat back to square one and even more annoyed with myself because I haven’t taken my temperature or any of the agnus castus or evening primrose oil or anything (apart from folic acid) for the last few days.

I feel like a proper fool.

I’m really beginning to think that maybe I do need to wean my daughter, or at least drastically cut back on the amount that she is feeding. We night weaned a while ago but it has occurred to me that she’s nursing maybe as much as 15 times a day aside from that. It seems like every time my ass hits a seat she’s clambering on to my knee to demand “eeenuff!” (It’s my belief that she calls it this because I’ll sometimes break the latch, sit her down and say you’ve had enough). The sessions don’t last very long, maybe just a couple of minutes but still, we can fit six or seven of them in before lunch.

I don’t really know how to break the habit. I’ve tried offering her alternatives like juice or fruit (we even tried hot chocolate once) but all I get is a stern “no” and then further demands for “enuff”. I think perhaps I may just have to never sit down in front of her for a fortnight or so. Failing that maybe I could run away for a week and hope she forgets about it in the meantime.

I am so upset. I did have my hopes up. I did start quietly making little baby plans in my head. I liked sitting with my husband a couple of nights ago and chatting about the practicalities of having a new baby, about names we liked, about how we’d stay team yellow this time or whether or not I’d have my third home birth or go the new midwifery unit near by.

It’s shitty to have all that taken away and to still be no closer to having it. I’m a little scared that I will never have it again.

I could do with a big toblerone about now.


Adventures in Pee Sticks Part 2

Well in the spirit of scientific investigation I got more of the pound shop tests. I dipped one in a sample of first morning urine (yes, it’s gross that I kept a sample), another 1 in a sample of second morning urine, and I then got my best friend to do a test and (because I’m fairly certain he’s not pregnant) my husband to do a test.



The result is my two tests (the ones on the bottom) both have lines, though the second morning urine one is very faint. The other two have one line, so we can conclude that neither my husband or a best friend are pregnant.

But am I???

I swiftly ran (that’s a lie, I drove, well I was passenger in a car) to what is really not the closest store to me to buy more tests.

45 minutes later I picked up 2 more sets of pound shop tests, 2 clearblue digitals, 2 first response tests, 2 predictor tests and 2 asda own brand and 2 tesco own brand tests.

I did the tesco test – bfn.

The asda test – bfn.

The different brand of pound shop – I think BFN, there’s maybe a very faint line there

Same pound shop test as the others – BFP, but quite faint.

I honestly don’t know what to think.


Adventures in Pee Sticks

It’s coming up to my son’s 3rd birthday soon and he has announced that he would like a lego cake. I’m fairly new to baking, it’s only really been in the last year that I’ve truly tackled cakes and bread and bagels and the like. I decided that I probably needed a test run to work out how exactly to make a lego cake so I set off to Tesco yesterday to get the ingredients.

After I picked them up I was mulling around the shopping centre and I went into the Pound Shop for the mooch. I spotted a stack of pregnancy tests for the princely sum of £1.30 each. So along with a giant Hannah Montana savings tin (I have a 9 year old daughter) I took a box of pregnancy tests up to the till and finished up my shopping trip.

I’m not really sure why I bought them. Fertility Friend still doesn’t believe I’ve ovulated. I don’t believe I’ve ovulated, but I’d been feeling a little sick and a little crampy and a little headachey and well… they cost £1.30.

I went home, started making the cake and forgot all about the test until a few hours later when nature called.

Now, Pound Shop tests don’t inspire me with confidence. I know it’s a snobby thing, I think we’re all sort of inclined to think non-branded items are a bit below par (though I can attest since the recession began I’ve fully embraced the own brand products when I’m shopping).

And above is the test. It shows some fancy dan looking pee sticks on the cover, believe me the contents do not reflect that. Inside it contained two of those little strips that you have to collect your urine to dip them in to rather than just whizzing directly. They are commonly known as internet cheapies as you can buy stacks of them on ebay or similar. There is much debate about how accurate they are and how prone they are to evaporation lines but every hardened TTC-er will have bought them at some point. Some even have huge stockpiles of them.

Anyhew I did the first test. It looked like this

There is a line there and it appeared right away. Faint but definitely there. I went into a bit of a flap and texted my best friend and co-POAS addict to shout “Dude! Dude!!! I need you dude!!! I think I’ve got a BFP”

My husband was out at the time you see, and he is not a fan of squinting at my pee sticks.

My friend duly raced over with some Superdrug tests (reported to have a high sensitivity, of 10 miu). Of course my pee was much more dilute now than it had been when I took the first test so I got myself a BFN.

Then I did what all sensible people do. I held my wee for four hours and did the other cheap test I had sitting in the bathroom cabinet. I got this

This time it’s pretty obvious. A lovely pink line. Even my husband could see it from across the table and he didn’t sigh or shake his head at me once. He seemed fairly convinced that it was indeed a positive. He then began to muse that maybe I didn’t ovulate but his superior sperm just kicked in an ovary and dragged an egg out – because he’s that good.

Yes dear.

I still didn’t want to believe it though. The line is there because the test is faulty, it’s there because the test was cheap, it was there because I had asparagus for lunch and had the wicked smelling asparagus pee. I did go to bed last night feeling a wee glimmer of hope.

First thing this morning I tested again.

I got this

Nada. Zlich. Bugger all. BFN.

Well maybe a shadow, maybe if I squint and turn my eyes inside out I can maybe see a little something.

And now all it is sporting is a rather fine evaporation line.

I just knew it was too good to be true.

I’m a bit gutted and I really don’t know what to think. Maybe asparagus does cause false positives?

My plan for today is to return to that Pound Shop, but there is method in my madness. I am going to buy 3 tests. I will pee on one, my non-pregnant best friend will pee on another and finally I shall make my husband pee on the third. If we all get lines then I know the tests are dud and at the very last it will save me from splashing out on fancy dan expensive tests. No pun intended with the splashing out.