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The Other 2 Week Wait

38+2 today and I am just at the beginning of the other two (okay potentially four or more) week wait. This is the countdown to the end, 12 days till my due date. I actually think this is worse than the first two week wait, at least in the first two week wait you can potentially distract yourself by spending a small fortune on pregnancy tests and squinting yourself silly. There is no (easy) self test you can administer for dilation, and it takes a certain amount of determination if not sheer unadulterated talent to manage squinting at your own cervix. In the traditional two week wait you can count down the days until it’s more of less certain you will get a reliable result, in the latter 2ww every single day is fraught with “will today be the day?” From morning to noon to night.

The fact is I’m fed up of sitting of my birthing ball. I’m fed up of the smell of clary sage. I’m fed up of taking evening primrose oil (both orally and as a pessary). I’m fed up of eating curry. I am fed up of obsessing over what my foof may or may not be doing. My patience is gone, my temper is frayed and someone appears to have kidnapped the Squishy one and replaced her with Satan (good timing on the terrible twos there…..). I don’t want to try and eat 19 pomegranites or 47 pineapples in one sitting. I’m too huge and sore and unwieldy to even contemplate certain other methods of encouraging baby out of there.

I’m just so damn bored of sitting here wondering if that twinge I feel is going to turn into something. I wish the midwife would just do a damn sweep but I’m not even due to see anyone again for another week so I’m very much left to my own devices, pickling myself in a clary sage laced bath.


Here’s a sight for sore eyes…


I’m taking a cautiously optimistic approach to this chart. The solid cross hairs are a good sign, the temp rise is pretty convincing, more convincing than it’s ever been in the past. Also in the past I’ve only ever got the dotted crosshairs that say “we think maybe you ovulated,” the solid crosshairs say “we’re fairly certain.”

So I *think* I’m in the two week wait (2ww) now. I’ve dropped the evening primrose oil and the agnus castus but I’m continuing on with the folic acid and the vitamin b6. I have no idea what length of a luteal phase to expect (chances are it may be short) so I’m hoping the b6 will help that.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of days googling supplements or foods that can help with implantation. I love the internet, it’s fabulous for getting all sorts of information and for settling arguments over where you saw a particular actor in the tv show or movie before, and in some ways it’s great for getting information on ttc and fertility, but in other ways it’s a ruddy nightmare. Someone at google or microsoft or wherever needs to develop a bullshit filter.

When it comes to fertility, pregnancy and birth, because no one can (or wants to) experiment on pregnant women (and rightly so) an awful lot ¬†information is based on anecdotal evidence. All “official” sources tread a very traditional, conservative and cautious line, so it means that the main source of information most women have are forums which abound with misinformation, disinformation and old wives tales. It’s hard sorting out the fact from the fiction and the harmless from the downright dangerous.

For example roughly half the posts I came across suggested eating pineapple core or drinking pineapple juice to help implantation, the other half said it causes miscarriages. I’m inclined to think that if pineapple does do anything it probably has to be consumed in vast amounts to make any difference (I seem to recall reading that pineapple can bring on labour, but you’d need to eat around 8 of them for them to have any effect – again I don’t know if that is utter bullshit or not). Then there’s people self-medicating with baby aspirin (I’ll admit it’s efficacy is proven and well-understood) or any number of other supplements like natural progesterone cream, agnus castus or soy (I’m guilty of the last two). I could of course have a conversation with my doctor about this but I doubt she’s even heard of them, let alone knows anything much about their actions. I swear by using evening primrose oil to soften the cervix before labour but I’d never discuss it with the uber conservative midwives in my area (there was one in particular I was discussing the position of my baby with before my last homebirth, I told her the baby was left occipito anterior – which was written in my notes by my doctor – and she asked if it meant the baby was breach *face palm*).

Pretty much every site has a disclaimer but it still leaves desperate women in the position of taking potential dangerous substances because of a lack of clear information. For example in the last day alone I’ve read posts from one women with PCOS who is taking huge doses of soy isoflavones and another who was getting their soy from a vitamin complex for menopausal women ¬†(and therefore about 8 times the RDA of vitamin A – a teratogenic substance linked to all sorts of birth defects). Scary stuff.

So back to my plan – 50mg of vitamin B, my recommended dosage of folic acid, lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, lots of fibre, a bit of gentle exercise and switching to caffeine free tea.

And maybe I might have a wee glass of red wine.