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9 Weeks


My doctor has given me a prescription for cyclizine and I have high hopes that it will help me to feel at least slightly normal again. It definitely takes the edge of the sickness enough for me to get on with things.

Yesterday was an odd day. In the morning I saw my GP and in the afternoon I took a notion and decided to book a private scan in the new place that has opened in town. I had a look at their facebook page to get the contact details. You know what Facebook pages are like, they show you if any of your friends have also “liked” a page. I was quite surprised to see that my sister-in-law had liked it. Being a naturally nosey suspicious curious person I started to wonder, hmmm is she pregnant? It seems like a very niche page to like.

Anyway it’s not exactly the sort of thing you can just come out and ask if I put it out of my mind and went ahead and booked my own scan, without  “liking” the page and giving myself away.

Last night I went with my sister. I’ll be honest I felt a bit silly booking the scan. It really was down to my own paranoia, but then I thought to myself this is DEFINITELY my last pregnant and with three losses in my past maybe it’s okay for me to be a bit precious and seek out some reassurance when I feel that I need it. I’m very pleased to report that little Loki (I have nicknamed the bean that on the basis that I think there’s a very good chance it was conceived while watching Avengers) is doing well. He/she is now measuring 9 weeks and 1 day, had good cardiac activity, a visible cord and yolk sac and was wriggling all round the place, waving its little limb buds about.



So freaking cute.

After the scan I was home again and then it was time to go out with husband. This was the sad part of the day. We were going to the wake of his cousin’s son. He was only three years old and died of a very rare genetic disorder. I cannot put into words how heartbreaking it was to see him. It’s not the natural order of the world, no parent should ever have to go through what they are going through right now. It was such a strange juxtaposition, there I was just an hour before taking a peek at new life and then…

If you have kids, hug them extra tight and be glad they are there to drive you crazy.

Sister-in-law was at the wake helping out with making tea and handing out sandwiches. We were standing together having a chat and I discovered that my hunch was correct. She is pregnant, not only that but we are both due on the same day.

A very strange day altogether.


8 Weeks

Oh glob the nausea…..

the horrible, horrible nausea that is there from within an hour of waking up in the morning and doesn’t leave all day.

I have never had nausea like this. It’s genuinely interfering with my ability to get on with my every day life. I just want to spend my time swooning on my bed and groaning. I can’t face cooking, walking, sitting, talking, reading etc. all of which are necessary activities when you have four other children to look after.

It’s so bad I shall be taking myself to the GP on Thursday morning to cry and beg for cyclazine. I feel like a massive wuss but the thought of a month or more of relentlessly feeling like this makes me want to cry big fat snottery tears.



7 Weeks

Time for a check in and nothing too exciting is going on around here except I feel nauseous 90% of the time, I am eating a horrendous amount of carbs and between bloat and carb-related weight gain I look about four months pregnant already.

I decided this morning that I should probably ring and make an appointment with the midwives to book in but when I called I was told that I couldn’t make an appointment without first doing a pregnancy test at the GP’s surgery. I explained I’d seen my GP, been to the EPU, had a positive blood test at the hospital and two scans but it’s a bit of a “computer says no” situation. Le sigh. Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing.

Could be a few weeks then before I get an appointment and who knows how long it will be after that before I get my dating scan. I don’t feel in a particular rush for either though so I suppose it’s okay. I’d probably be content with booking a private scan for twelve weeks and sauntering along to the midwives some time in April just to get the ball rolling for the anatomy scan. If my last pregnancies are anything to go by I think they’ll see me at booking in and then not again until something like 28 weeks (might be longer than that, I can’t remember), anyway, since aside from scans it’s standard to leave me pretty much to my own devices for most of the time I don’t feel any overwhelming need to see them anytime soon. However, we booked our first family holiday this week and every spare penny over the next few months needs to go towards that so I doubt a private scan is something I can reasonably do.

Oh there is one fun pregnancy symptom I must share. I am already suffering from horrendous baby brain. The husband and I are going to London in July to see Monty Python and I decided to book our flights last weekend, I got a great price and I was feeling great about myself, that is until I looked at the dates and realised I had booked for June instead of July. I also emailed him today at work before remembering he is sitting upstairs. I’m sure there are many more moments of raging idiocy and forgetfulness to come.

And breathe

Feeling much calmer today. I think that I need to accept that there are things I can’t change. I can’t make the people around me behave the way they I think they should. The only person who’s actions I can control are my own, so I either need to let go of the things that annoy me or I need to learn to be more assertive. Passive aggression plus crazy hormones does not make for a good mental state.

But moving things back to the pregnancy…. so as I said they changed my EDD on Friday when I went for the scan. Now I think they’ve had some sort of mathematical mess up along the way with that. On Friday the doc said that the baby was measuring 13+4, but put my EDD down as the 4th of July, now every EDD calculator I’ve looked at says if you were 13+4 on the 30th of December then your EDD should be the 2nd of July. Now being that I know that date is wrong and I didn’t ovulate nearly a week before I got a positive OPK it would seem to be irrelevant, I just worry about midwives and what not rigidly sticking to the EDD from the scan and putting me as overdue almost a week before my actual due date. I’ve decided to save myself confusion if anyone asks I’m going to stick with the 7th, my forum tickers can all stay that way and my weekly emails. I would be lovely to jump forward a week but it just wouldn’t be accurate.

I’m almost a week in to the new healthy eating regime now too. I did sign up for Slimming World last week but after about a day of following their plan I had to abandon it and go back to Weight Watchers. It just wasn’t working for me, I found it much too restrictive, so I’m back to counting propoints but I get to mix it up with their Filling and Healthy plan too (which is pretty much the same as the Slimming World plan), the plus is it’s giving me a lot of flexibility. It’s tomorrow night before I weigh in again and I’m not sure what to expect. I have been eating better for the last week but I haven’t been perfect by a long shot, and I guess I need to get my head around the fact that I’m not looking for losses as such at the scales now, rather I’d like my weight to be stable and limit any additional weight gain.

As far as other symptom’s go –

The sickness is pretty much gone now. I can drink tea again (hoorah!) and the odd glass of Diet Coke doesn’t make me horribly ill. It is wonderful to feel human again….

albeit a human plagued by heartburn. I suffered from indigestion a lot in my first pregnancy. My sadist of a doctor back then neglected to tell me that I could take zantac so I had to live on Gaviscon. It was almost as bad as the heartburn. I remember when I was in hospital just before my daughter was born I asked for some and they brought me a cup of it, some of which got spilt onto the bedside table. A while later I went to lift it and discovered that the spilt patch had set like candle wax. Vile stuff. I don’t buy into the heartburn = hairy baby though, true I only suffered with heartburn in one pregnancy and that happened to produce the hairiest child but Squish wasn’t too far behind on the hair stakes, though all her baby hair fell out and she remained virtually bald for a long, long time. Even now at the age of two I can maybe with a lot of coaxing put her hair into two pathetic piggytails, the eldest daughter by comparison had a head of flowing locks.

The tiredness has abated somewhat too. All this new found energy is making me want to get out there and be active but the weather between snow and gale force winds has been conspiring to keep me inside. I have an overwhelming urge to join a gym but I’ve been assured this is normal for January and if I lie down with some chocolate for a few hours the urge should subside.

Well my super healthy soup I made for lunch is ready so I must away but I will leave with a pic of the bump at 13+1

The Major Bokes*

I woke up on Friday morning feeling so sick I could barely lift my head off the pillow. I spent all day in an advanced state of misery, unable to keep anything down and relying heavily on my 9 year old once she got in from school to make sure the younger two didn’t get up to any major mischief while I spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god. I’ll be honest I started to freak out a bit.

In her last pregnancy, my older sister suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum. It was painful to watch but I imagine it was a lot more painful to go through. She puked endlessly and was hospitalised at least twice with it, and she had it relatively mild compared to others. She came out the other side with her sanity only just intact and swearing that she will never get pregnant again. I started to panic on Friday thinking oh no, what I’ve suddenly developed this? How on earth would I cope with that and the toddlers? Luckily my husband started to throw up profusely later that evening and as he is definitely not pregnant I breathed a sigh of relief to think oh thank heavens this is just some sort of virus.

The downside is I feel utterly drained now. I’m back to pre-virus levels of blurgyness which is a huge relief but I am so tired I finding it very hard to not exploit the fact that it is the weekend and abandon the husband to childcare duties while I lie in bed sipping ginger ale and watching Fringe boxsets.

Tomorrow we’re off to the EPU for our early scan. I am very, very nervous about it. What if they do the scan and there is nothing there?  Or things aren’t going as they should? I will feel much better when this scan is over and done with (and hopefully we have a good result). We haven’t told the in-laws our news yet, we’ve decided to wait until 12 weeks, but we do need to get my father-in-law to come sit with the babies tomorrow while I go to the “dentist.”

Well I shall report back tomorrow with the results and hopefully I’ll have a nice scan picture to share, if not I shall at least post a picture of my now 7 week “bump.” Wish me luck.

*boke being an Irish/Scottish term for sickness

Morning sickness moan

I seem to be afflicted not only with morning sickness, but with a sort of general malaise where I could not be bothered to do anything in the kitchen. The thought of preparing food, much less cooking it or eating it, leaves me cold (and dry heaving). I’ve spent the last couple of days living on toast because I can just about muster up the energy to stick a couple of slices of bread into the toaster.

None of the foods I usually eat are appealing to me in the slightest and I’m kind of worried that I’m going to end up dumping a fridge worth of fresh food because I can’t bring myself to cook it. In an ideal world I’ll have a spinach salad for lunch with some pine nuts and a toasted wholemeal pitta, but I accept that it’s far more likely that come lunch time I’ll be reaching for the bread again.

I am not loving the morning sickness. I’m trying to be graceful about it and accept that it’s a good reassuring sign that things are progressing well but I resent feeling sick from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. I feel especially anxious about it today as my husband is returning to work after a week’s holiday and I shall be alone with the children to organise their evening meals and putting them to bed. It’s possible he will come home to find me lying on the sofa while the children eat dry cereal.

I’m getting a total tizzy worrying about nutrition and about how much crap I’m eating. I do have an appalling diet at the moment. I’m torn between wanting to relax and eat what I fancy until the sickness lifts, and knowing that I should be focusing on eating right and not blowing up like a balloon. It doesn’t help that Miss Size 8 over on the birth board has come out with the latest gem that she supposes since she’s so tiny it’s fine if she puts on a bit of weight. gah!

Six Weeks

Six weeks today. I tried googling to find a picture of what a baby looks like at six weeks, but seriously I don’t recommend doing it, it brought up far too many distressing and graphic images from anti-abortion sites. Let’s just say it looks much like it did last week, just a little more defined and should now roughly be the size of a lentil.

Which is INSANE given how big my stomach is.

Today we had a party for Squishy’s birthday and I spent most of it hoping that people just didn’t notice or that if they did maybe they’d think I was just getting fat, not that I want them to think that either. I’m still struggling with the body image issue.

I also spent today trying to hide the morning sickness. For the past three days I’ve had a sort of low grade constant nausea, but this morning was the first time I’ve woken up feeling sick. I’m now alternating between feeling sick and feeling hungry. I put a good solid week of healthy eating behind me but it’s sort of falling apart a bit in the last couple of days, especially today with so much party food around. I feel enormous. I feel way more pregnant than I am. I certainly look way more pregnant than I am.

I’m also suffering a fair amount of heartburn already. This is so different to my other pregnancies. With my girls I had very mild nausea from about 8 weeks on, usually just a little in the afternoon, with my son I would have been sick every morning up until about 17 weeks. This is the first time I’ve had all day nausea but I can only hope it’s a good sign that all is going well.