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Hello Baby!

16 weeks now and I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I think maybe it’s because of the ectopic just before this pregnancy, I feel like I’ve been pregnant a good five or six weeks longer than I have. Time is passing at a crawl. I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since my dating scan, it feels like it was months ago. So progress is slow!

I’m feeling pretty good aside from daily bouts of indigestion (more on that later) and sinus headaches. I feel so congested and I wake up every morning with a headache that gets more throbbing as the day goes on. I would sell my grandmother for some sudafed! At the minute I’m just attempting to treat it with steaming and paracetamol but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go see my GP and beg her for some sort of nasal spray or dynamite or something. The morning sickness is well and truly gone but the sinus headaches can leave me very nauseated.

I am also nesting BIG TIME. I know traditionally it’s a later pregnancy activity but for me it has always been something that has hit early. I’ve been slowly making my way through the house clearing out drawers and cupboards and getting rid of excess furniture. I actually begged the husband for a Dyson vacuum cleaner for my birthday (it’s amazing). All the bending and carrying is playing merry hell with the indigestion though so I must keep a ready supply of Rennie and Ranitidin on supply. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the ad campaign for Rennie where they say it converts excess stomach acid to “water and ‘other substances'”, my dear friend Jacintha was quite correct when she tweeted “Just say farts, Rennie, just say farts.”

The urge to clear out and redecorate the house is quite overwhelming. I did a ruthless toy cull and then my eye turned to the bags and bags of baby clothes that are filling our wardrobe. With my last two children being girls I seem to be overrun with pink. On Friday (during an epic nesting session) I started to get very twitchy about them and felt an overwhelming urge to know whether or not I could donate them to charity if I should start washing them in preparation for baby.

All of this meant that on Saturday morning I found myself climbing the stairs to the private ultrasound clinic in town for a gender scan. I was very nervous as they usually don’t perform them until 18+ weeks and they didn’t sound entirely confident on the phone about how successful it would be. I’ve also had a very strong boy feeling from the beginning with this pregnancy and I knew I had to prepare myself for the possibility that it could be another girl.

I’m reserving judgement on the result. The sonographer seemed 100% confident but I’ve heard too many stories of people being told one thing and then popping out a different flavour so I’m going to wait the few weeks until my anomaly scan before I announce it one way or the other.

One perk of the scan was she put on the 3d probe at no extra charge and gave us a sneak peek. I wasn’t expecting to see anything great being so early on but we actually got some amazing pictures. I can only apologise for the poor quality of them here, I tried taking a photo of the scan pic with my phone but the paper they are printed on is very reflective.

20140426_155951 20140426_160007It was really special. We even saw baby sucking its thumb at one point.

Hopefully I’ll have the house is order and a cure for my sinus woes before baby gets here, after all I still a very, very long time to go.


19 Weeks Today

Apologies for the bit of the gap there in posting. I meant to sit down and write a post at least half a dozen times but for whatever reason it just hasn’t happened.

19 weeks today (according to my dates and not wacky scan date). How are things going?

Well I’m feeling a lot more movement, still all low down and no one else has managed to catch it yet but I can feel the baby kicking away. My bump has rapidly expanded to the point where it’s quite noticeable when I am looking down at it. I’m not quite at the point of balancing cereal bowls on it but I don’t think that’s actually too far away. I’m starting to find it uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach but can usually manage a sort of sideways compromise with the aid of some pillow between my knees. I’m still plagued with indigestion. I don’t think I’ve had a single day’s respite from it so I’m very grateful to whoever invented ranitidine. Still two weeks until my anomaly scan.

And my milk has officially dried up. I’ve tried expressing a few times and got absolutely zilch. Squishy is still asking to nurse from time to time and she’ll spend maybe a minute on before scampering off. I don’t think she’s getting any milk at all so it must be a comfort thing, which I would feel better about if it wasn’t so darn painful. It never occurred to me that my milk would dry up, it seems like everything I read pre-pregnancy about nursing and breastfeeding just talked about the taste of the milk changing or the switch to colostrum, now it seems like everything I read is about milk drying up come the 19-20 week mark. How did I miss that???

So that’s it for now. I’ll add a bump picture later once the battery on my phone is charged. The boy is running it down constantly with games of “Hangry Birds” as he likes it call it.

And breathe

Feeling much calmer today. I think that I need to accept that there are things I can’t change. I can’t make the people around me behave the way they I think they should. The only person who’s actions I can control are my own, so I either need to let go of the things that annoy me or I need to learn to be more assertive. Passive aggression plus crazy hormones does not make for a good mental state.

But moving things back to the pregnancy…. so as I said they changed my EDD on Friday when I went for the scan. Now I think they’ve had some sort of mathematical mess up along the way with that. On Friday the doc said that the baby was measuring 13+4, but put my EDD down as the 4th of July, now every EDD calculator I’ve looked at says if you were 13+4 on the 30th of December then your EDD should be the 2nd of July. Now being that I know that date is wrong and I didn’t ovulate nearly a week before I got a positive OPK it would seem to be irrelevant, I just worry about midwives and what not rigidly sticking to the EDD from the scan and putting me as overdue almost a week before my actual due date. I’ve decided to save myself confusion if anyone asks I’m going to stick with the 7th, my forum tickers can all stay that way and my weekly emails. I would be lovely to jump forward a week but it just wouldn’t be accurate.

I’m almost a week in to the new healthy eating regime now too. I did sign up for Slimming World last week but after about a day of following their plan I had to abandon it and go back to Weight Watchers. It just wasn’t working for me, I found it much too restrictive, so I’m back to counting propoints but I get to mix it up with their Filling and Healthy plan too (which is pretty much the same as the Slimming World plan), the plus is it’s giving me a lot of flexibility. It’s tomorrow night before I weigh in again and I’m not sure what to expect. I have been eating better for the last week but I haven’t been perfect by a long shot, and I guess I need to get my head around the fact that I’m not looking for losses as such at the scales now, rather I’d like my weight to be stable and limit any additional weight gain.

As far as other symptom’s go –

The sickness is pretty much gone now. I can drink tea again (hoorah!) and the odd glass of Diet Coke doesn’t make me horribly ill. It is wonderful to feel human again….

albeit a human plagued by heartburn. I suffered from indigestion a lot in my first pregnancy. My sadist of a doctor back then neglected to tell me that I could take zantac so I had to live on Gaviscon. It was almost as bad as the heartburn. I remember when I was in hospital just before my daughter was born I asked for some and they brought me a cup of it, some of which got spilt onto the bedside table. A while later I went to lift it and discovered that the spilt patch had set like candle wax. Vile stuff. I don’t buy into the heartburn = hairy baby though, true I only suffered with heartburn in one pregnancy and that happened to produce the hairiest child but Squish wasn’t too far behind on the hair stakes, though all her baby hair fell out and she remained virtually bald for a long, long time. Even now at the age of two I can maybe with a lot of coaxing put her hair into two pathetic piggytails, the eldest daughter by comparison had a head of flowing locks.

The tiredness has abated somewhat too. All this new found energy is making me want to get out there and be active but the weather between snow and gale force winds has been conspiring to keep me inside. I have an overwhelming urge to join a gym but I’ve been assured this is normal for January and if I lie down with some chocolate for a few hours the urge should subside.

Well my super healthy soup I made for lunch is ready so I must away but I will leave with a pic of the bump at 13+1