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OPK as HPT Progression & Clear Blue Digital Tests

Thought I would post this for anyone who is interested. I haven’t had an over abundance of pregnancy tests in the house but I do have left over OPKs. I did one on Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning and today (so 12 dpo to 15)

It’s nice to see them getting darker. Short and sweet post here but I find the whole OPK as HPT thing quite interesting!

UPDATE: I have to add this picture as well as it made me do a little happy dance

I don’t know if this is true but I did read somewhere that the conception indicator works like this

1-2 weeks – hcg level of 50-200 (96.5% accurate – the accuracy rating comes from Clear Blue’s own literature so I know that bit at least is true)

2-3 weeks – hcg level of 200-2000 (76.1% accurate)

3+ weeks – hcg level of 2000+ (96.9% accurate)

It’s also worth nothing that above 3 weeks the accuracy level can drop a lot (don’t have a specific figure about that). This is because of the Hook Effect. Basically the hcg levels can be so high that they overwhelm the test and it gives weird results. Some people testing with a regular HPT may find that they get a very faint line, or even a negative, but if they use a more dilute sample they will get a strong line again.

And to round this bit on CB Digis off here is a picture of the strips from the test after I broke it open (which you’re really not supposed to do).

The top is a low sensitivity strip and the bottom is a high sensitivity strip. I have broken a few digitals open in my time and while they might not always have lines this dark they have absolutely ALWAYS had 2 lines on the top strip and one on the bottom (kind of wish I had taken pictures before). So…. cracking open a digital is not a reliable way to determine whether or not you actually have a BFP and the digi processor just isn’t picking it up. http://www.peeonastick.com has a great section on this.

One Day At A Time

My mother is fiercely against testing early. Back in her baby making days the HPT wasn’t available. You had to go to the doctor if you wanted to diagnose a pregnancy and even then the doctor wouldn’t countenance seeing you until you had missed….. TWO periods.

Can you imagine that? A six week wait? Do any of us now have the patience to sit things out that long? Frankly I’m impressed by the people who wait until their first period is late to test, anyone who did that and then sat on their hands for a further cycle deserves a medal.

Okay maybe waiting that long is a bit extreme but I keep thinking if my mum (admittedly because she had no other option) could do it then I can wait a bit too.

I’m very proud to say that I did not take my temperature this morning (or sneaked a look at it last night like it could tell me something useful), I haven’t checked my CP (CM is viewed with only a passing interest), and most importantly I haven’t gone on ebay and ordered 50 cheapie tests. Admittedly I’m only 4 DPO and have a full ten days to go but my resolve is pretty high and I’m feeling positive that I can do this. Actually I’m so nervous after the miscarriage I think I’d even prefer to be like one of this women on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and skip the whole testing and 9 months of worry thing entirely (I would however prefer not to give birth into a toilet).

Speaking of that show, I caught a bit of it a few days ago and nearly wet myself laughing at the stupidity of the voice over “she may have gotten pregnant because she wasn’t using birth control….” Really? *face palm*

10 days to go…

Into the 2 Week Wait Again

I got my cross hairs this morning, though I think their positioning is a little out. Drinking some prosecco on Friday night was probably a bad idea as I know that’s why I had such a significant temp spike on Saturday morning. Fertility Friend has put me at 3 DPO but I’m fairly certain that it was Saturday when I ovulated so I’m only 2.

Now I’m really thinking about putting the thermometer down and stepping away from all Fertility software and forums for the next fortnight. I know what I’m like, I’ll be lurking on the Actively Trying board over on Baby Centre and reading about people taking tests and their symptoms and it’ll drive me to do ridiculous things like take a pregnancy test at 3 o’clock in the afternoon with dilute urine at 6 DPO.

The miscarriage took all the fun out of squinting at pee sticks. I don’t want to go cross eyed staring at them and wondering if I see a line, I don’t want to wonder about how dark the line is. I want to kick all ambiguity to the curb. I think if I continue to temp and chart it’ll take up way too much of my emotional energy, and too much of my money on myriad pregnancy tests.

So… my plan is to wait two weeks and if my period doesn’t appear to take a HPT on the 30th. It’s probably pretty perfect timing, it’s a Sunday (when I head out shopping anyway, so I can easily slip a HPT in my trolley) and depending on the result I should know whether or not I can have some drinks on Halloween the next night.

In the meantime I’m focusing myself back on to eating right and taking a bit of gentle exercise. I’ve got a fridge and cupboard stacked full of leafy greens, wholegrains, lean meat and fruit. They will be no alcohol for the next two weeks, very little caffeine (I’m not a martyr, I can’t cut it out entirely) and lots and lots of water, instead of my usual tipple of Diet Coke/Pepsi. I stocked up on supplements yesterday too so I’m continuing with the folic acid and b vitamins but have added omega 3, vitamin C with zinc and… (this one might be a tad controversial) some aspirin. I couldn’t actually find low dose aspirin so I bought regular 300mg tablets and have cut them into quarters, it’s a touch below the recommended dose of 80mg, but I’m going with the theory can’t hurt, might help.

I really debating with myself about natural progesterone cream. From what I gathered reading online opinion on it’s efficacy is pretty mixed, the doctors I saw during the miscarriage certainly didn’t seem to rate it. I think what made the decision for me was when I read that it could prolong a non viable pregnancy. I don’t know, some people swear by it but I’m scared to muck around too much. I honestly think that by taking the soy isoflavones last month I forced my body into something it just wasn’t ready for and that’s why the pregnancy never really got off the ground. That is not based on any scientific fact by the way, just my gut feeling, which hasn’t been peer reviewed or independently verified.

It would be a lie if I said I’m going to relax. I know that I will spend the next fortnight obsessing and agonising. I’m just going to try not to, or to do it as little as possible or ask someone to sit on me and stop me from buying pregnancy tests.

The Great Asparagus Caper

I found myself on ebay last night bidding on a Clearblue Fertility Monitor even though they aren’t really suitable for someone in my situation. In the end I didn’t win the auction, I was outbid with about five seconds to go which is probably a good thing because I really don’t need anything more to obsess over.

I said back at the start of this that I wanted to be relaxed and I’ll admit I have failed. Maybe if I had a cycle to work with it would be easier to relax, it’s the not knowing that’s turning me into a crazy person. Will I ovulate soon? If so when?

When your charting you can’t help but let this stuff take over your life. It’s the first thing you think about in the morning, the last thing at night and it pops into your head every time you go for a bathroom break. Some days I feel very positive, other days I feel I despair. I have been trying to shake the deflated feeling that descended on Friday after I got those test results and it hasn’t been easy.

But I thought it might be fun to work out if the asparagus really was the culprit during last week’s pregnancy test madness.

I picked up yet another pack of those tests today and a bunch of asparagus.

Now the first photo is a little ropey, the test had dried out before I managed to find batteries for the camera but it looked much the same when wet.

So – Pic 1. Test Taken Before Consuming Asparagus

Pic 2. Test Taken After Consuming Asparagus 

Both have lines, both would be convincing enough to make people on forums say “I think I see a line” (and if that’s your bag there’s a whole website canyouseealine.com where you can do just that). BUT I have to conclude that the pre-asparagus pic looks a little more pregnant than the post asparagus one. The mystery has not been solved, and I bought the last pack in the shop, so perhaps it never will…

I’ll admit, the headline is misleading.