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Today is 13 dpo and I finally cracked and did the other First Response that has been sitting in my medicine cabinet. It was a nerve wracking experience staring at the test and waiting for the line to develop. I’ve been so paranoid that maybe Saturday’s test was just an evap and I was jumping the gun thinking it was positive, but I am happy to report that I got a very good line today and so, for now, I am definitely pregnant.



I’m still utterly terrified to get my hopes up. I’m trying to distract myself with thoughts of this weekend, where I’m feeling enormous levels of anxiety about having to get a few trains from the airport to my friend’s house. I’m a 32 year old woman ffs but the terror of accidentally getting on the wrong train is making my blood run cold. The eldest child (who considers herself a veteran of the Greater London area train system) keeps offering to go with me, you know, to hold my hand while I get about. I’m actually tempted. Pathetic I know, I want a 12 year old to babysit me. I have always been a ridiculously anxious traveler. I’m the sort that would rather turn up at the airport four hours early rather than risk being five minutes late.  But I guess on the plus side at least the terror of this is stopping me from obsessing about what is going on in my uterus (fingers crossed it is in my uterus).

Our Survey Said….


I feel like a bit of a crazy person right now. I swear there’s a line here, and I’m going against all sense and my cardinal rules about pee stick photography, it is clearer in real life.

For two days now I have had faint positives on Superdrug own brand tests, First Response Early Result, a Tesco own brand and even on a hated Clearblue test, however a digital test yesterday afternoon said Not Pregnant (I wish I could insert the uh unnnn noise off of Family Fortunes right here)

So 13DPO and I’m not calling it a BFP. I’m calling it is BFS, or Big Faint Something. Once again I have to follow the mantra of “test again in the morning.”

TTC makes babies – also craziness

I went to my doctor yesterday and had a chat about everything that has been going on the last few days. It was an odd experience. It was the same doctor that I saw last time but a totally different experience. She asked me when I had my last period and I told her “December…. 2008.” She seemed very surprised and asked why that was, so I explained about the intervening pregnancy and the 21 months of breastfeeding that followed. I thought she knew that, I mean we had a chat about it all last time I was there. She then told me I’d have to wean my youngest if I was pregnant because I couldn’t tandem feed, though at my last appointment she had asked me if I’d thought about tandem feeding. Odd.

Anyway she agreed to do a beta HCG blood test and I am now patiently waiting for the results.

I am not holding out much hope. I did more tests this morning and they are negative. This time it was a tesco test (I believe they are 25 mIu) and then a First Response (which I believe are 40 mIu). Both negative. I’d take photos but my son threw my camera across the kitchen yesterday and it’s quite possibly beyond repair. Anyway, I’m not sure that taking a photo would help as I’d only spend 20 minutes zooming in and inverting the colours and giving myself line eyes. I expect that the beta hcg test is going to be negative. Of course I hope that it isn’t, but I suspect that it will be.

The teeny part of me that is still hopeful has been inventing all sorts of fantasies where it turns out that I am pregnant. It’s shouting at me and waving it’s arms and saying “you’ve been feeling sick!” (have I? it could be entirely psychosomatic), “you’ve been very congested! and even had a nose bleed, that never happens!” (true progesterone can constrict or is it dilate??? the blood vessels in the nasal passages making you feel all stuffed up) “you’ve had cramping!” (maybe I just need more fibre?) “you’ve been so tired lately!” (well of course I’ve been tired. I’ve been cleaning every nook and cranny of my house every day for almost 4 weeks now, and caring for 2 toddlers, a 9 year old and occasionally a 7 year old nephew, and that’s not even counting the mental exhaustion from taking tests, staring at tests, googling things about tests, posting on forums about tests and emailing my best friend photos of tests).

The final thing my irrational brain is throwing up is “what if the pound shop tests were super, super sensitive? like 6 mIU, and even then if it’d doubled you’d only have 12 mIU, or if they were 10 mIu, it would only have doubled to 20 and still be below the 25 mIU of all those other tests you bought….”


I still think it was the asparagus you know.

I actually googled “can asparagus cause a false positive?”

I found some forums where people said “yes! yes! it can!”

I will report back later on the beta hcg results but in the meantime my scientific mind is just dying to know. I’m going to buy some more asparagus and some more of those pound shop tests and see what happens.

A girl needs a hobby!