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Cake and…. other things


I thought for a change I’d leave out the pictures of pee sticks and share instead the fabled Lego cake that I lovingly crafted for my son. I’m happy to report that the party went very well and I’m the mother of an extremely happy (and cake stuffed) child.

I wish all other things were as straight forward. I STILL don’t know what the heck is going on with my body.

Bit of warning – this is where things get a little TMI (though if you regularly read Fertility blogs/forums you should be immune to everything up to and including people posting pictures of their cervical mucus. I promise I will NEVER do that).

So I had a positive OPK on Friday and in addition to that I finally, truly saw the return of egg white cervical mucus (EWCM). I was discussing it with my heterosexual life partner (AKA my best friend with whom I share too much) and I said it’s a bit like when you’re pregnant and you think you might be having a contraction, then you have a real contraction and realise that the difference between what you thought was one and the real thing is about the same as the distance between a tickle and a punch. There have been times over the last year or so when I *thought* I had EWCM and the difference between that and the real deal just made me laugh at my optimism.

The signs were aligning, and then came the final sign – cervical position. During the fertile part of your cycle the cervix should be SHOW, that stands for Soft High Open and Wet. I think my littlest knocked my cervix a kilter on her way out. I used to be able to identify it’s position quite easily, but now when it’s high rather than being in a nice central position it appears to be sort of round a corner. Apparently childbirth can tilt your cervix, fun fact for a Sunday. my cervix was as high as it ever gets and definitely open. All was looking good.

Then I made a fatal error. I had a glass of wine on Thursday night and then I had a couple of glasses of wine on Friday night. I should have known better. Having a drink knocks my temperatures wonky, usually up by as much as a whole degree so my chart is fairly skewed because of it. In an ideal world I would have liked to have seen a temperature dip on Saturday and then a rise today.

What I saw instead was two fairly level temperatures (after a big rise on Friday morning due to the glass of wine on Thursday night).

Did I actually have a temperature dip on Saturday but it was masked because I’d had a drink the night before? I just don’t know.

As for this morning – well the toddlers decided that it would be fun to come into our bed last night so I had a lousy broken night’s sleep.

Charting BBT is reliant on a few things for accuracy, consistency being a big one. Consistency is sadly lacking in my life.

Today CM is drying up, little bit of spotting, negative OPKs, painful boobs when the litte ‘un is nursing, and cervix is back to low, firm and closed. Everything points to ovulation except for my temperature.

Before I sign off I must apologise for showing you a picture of cake and then getting into a detailed discussion about mucus.

Those two things should never meet.

A Foot-rub at theoretical 7dpo

I had my first reflexology session this morning. I’m not sure entirely what I was expecting, well I think a little part of me hoped she’d poke a toe and my ovaries would kick into action (I was going to say burst into life, but putting the words “burst” and “ovaries” together just seemed a little off). She’s asked me to come back for five more sessions, once a week, and then review things at the end of that. Right now she’s just concentrating on balancing my hormones generally and after the six weeks is up she’ll start on the fertility stuff. One thing she did say is that she reckons my thyroid levels might be a bit off. I’m not dismissing that, I do think my temperature does tend to be on the low side. I know diagnosing an underactive thyroid from a low basal body temperature alone isn’t done but it’s enough to make me wonder if I should get down to my GP and ask her to test my thyroid levels. I think extended breastfeeding and mammoth weight loss have probably done something to slow my system down, I just hope I’m not throwing an underactive thyroid into the mix.

Looking at my chart I’m still not convinced that I’ve ovulated. I also think my thermometer is on it’s last legs so I ordered a new one. On top of that I’m drastically upping my agnus castus dosage (I was taking 200mg per day, the wisdom of the internet reckons I should be on 800mg) and I’m throwing in some evening primrose oil too. I’m surprised I don’t rattle when I walk.