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Cycle Day 23 – 4dpo

So I did ovulate last week, a temperature rise confirmed it, or a sustained thermal shift as it’s called in the business. I don’t know if it’s an early dose of PMS or what but I woke up on Saturday morning in an atrocious mood and it’s stuck about ever since. I feel deflated and depressed and dissatisfied with my life. I’ve had a skin break out of epic proportions, can’t seem to stick to my diet for love nor money, I’m bored and in desperate need of both an eyebrow threading and a haircut. I fear I look like something of a demented hedge witch. I keep thinking if I can just sort out how I look, and get around to all those DIY jobs at home then calm will be restored and I will feel good again.

Maybe it says something about our consumerist culture, but every time I feel like my emotions are a bit chaotic and out of control I get an overwhelming urge to go to Ikea and buy storage solutions.

All of this was not helped today by the Squishy one throwing a tantrum of epic proportions when she was forced to sit on my knee on the bus as there were no spare seats near by. She screamed, kicked, hit and bit me (!!!!) for 15 solid minutes. Absolutely mortifying.

Crazy hedge witch with her screaming child on a bus. Yup, she’s really got it together. It’s almost time to eat now and I haven’t got the energy to cook so it’s likely dinner will be toast based before I do his homework with the boy and then breathe a sigh of relief when I hoof the lot of them to bed.

I’m also continuing to get some pain around the region of my ovaries. That, I guess relatively, mild burning pain is persisting, along with the odd throb. I know it is far too early to be implantation or anything of that sort, but it’s so similar to the pains that I felt last cycle that I can’t help but feel a bit nervous about it. It is all weighing on my mind, especially we weren’t exactly (or at all) careful about avoiding ttc this month. I have very muddled feelings about the whole thing. Some days I think I absolutely must have another baby, other days I think no I’m definitely done. I think I’m really, really scared of another ectopic.

But I just got an apology from the Squishy one about her outburst, I just spent the last twenty minutes playing with a laughing and very happy Little A, and if all else fails there are always things like this on the internet

The Boob & The Blood

Apart from a negative pregnancy test, the last thing a woman who is trying to convince wants to see is blood. Blood is scary, blood is downright alarming, or just plain heartbreaking.

Ordinarily I have no problem with blood. I’ve never been squeamish about it, or needles for that matter.  I think it’s because when I was a kid my dad used to take me along with him when he went to donate blood. I’d watch lots of people getting huge needles stuck in their arms, without a grimace or a whimper, I’d watch large bags fill up with blood, and then at the end of it they gave you tea or juice and some biscuits. Chocolate biscuits if you were very lucky. So needles and blood have always had a good association for me and I take them in my stride.

I’ve never truly understood the people with major blood phobias. A good friend of mine at school was like that. She fainted when she got her rubella, and she threw up and then fainted when she got her first period. I felt truly sorry for her when she had her first child a couple of years ago and discovered she was rhesus negative so had to get all those anti d injections. I think they just put a mattress on the floor every time she walked in.

But I digress….

Blood. Under some circumstances (well probably under most circumstances) it’s not a good thing to see, and especially so when your getting-knocked-up success in large part relies on keeping all of your blood inside you.

I’ve been having some spotting, a little on Sunday (okay, I could put that down to ovulation bleeding), a little bit yesterday and a lot more today. At 4dpo it’s much too early for the fabled implantation bleeding, what is much more likely is that my progesterone levels just aren’t very high. Prolactin is a progesterone antagonist. When a woman is lactating, prolactin has a much greater affinity for it’s binding site than progesterone does, the progesterone is instead cleared from her system in her breastmilk. This is part of the reason why breastfeeding can offer such strong contraceptive protection, and why it can make the luteal phase just a little bit screwed up. Insufficient progesterone causes the lining of the womb to break down too early for implantation to occur.

I might be a tad over dramatic here. I just have to watch and wait and see what happens, while bearing in mind that luteal phase defects are common in lactating women.

I suppose if my period does arrive soon I can at least content myself that my cycle is up and running again

and then start googling natural progesterone cream….