I’m a 30 year old SAHM of three kids, trying for number 4. I’m passionate about home birthing and breastfeeding. I lost 94lbs in the last year. I live in Ireland with my husband, kids and our stolen cat and timeshare dog. This blog is about my journey trying to conceive baby number 4.

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  1. Hello =) I somehow stumbled across your blog while searching for some info. I have been TTC #2 for 8 years and 5 months. I am on CD15 of my first cycle trying soy isoflavones. I’m a nervous wreck! Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations on your new baby! Is she a soy baby? Did the soy work for you? Somehow the Google link I clicked on sent me to your post from last September. You had a BFP on a test and a + on a digital test. Was that the month you used the soy?
    I’m getting desperate TTC, and fertility treatments are extremely expensive, so hubby won’t agree to them. I did 5 days of soy, CD3-7, 160mg for days 3,4,5, and then 200mg for 6 and 7. My cause of infertility is PCOS, and my doctor wanted to put me on clomid, but I lost my insurance and was unable to go back for the prescription. I am also taking B6, Folic Acid, B12, and a strong multivitamin. Hope it works and I get a sticky bean!
    Congratulations again! She is adorable!

    1. Hi,

      I did get a BFP with soy but unfortunately I had a miscarriage. I got pregnant with my sticky baby the next month without using soy. I wasn’t ovulating due to breastfeeding so I took the soy to try and stimulate that, I personally think that my body wasn’t ready and that’s why I mc’d (the lining of my uterus was very thin, probably too thin to sustain a pregnancy at that point), but that was probably due to the breastfeeding complicating matters. I have read of lots of soy success stories though. Good luck to you, I hope you get a sticky BFP soon.

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