A Surprise at 38 Weeks


I really have been rubbish at updating this blog this time round and then at the end it seemed to be over so suddenly that I spent a few days feeling a bit sad that I didn’t make more of it while it lasted. I was just so busy with the demands of family life, I didn’t have the time to sit down and wonder at it, and then little Mister decided to arrive a full two weeks early. He’s been the earliest if the squad yet, bursting onto the scene at 38+3 by my reckoning (38 by the doctor’s).

Sat down on the Saturday night with the husband. We got a take out and I decided that I really fancied a Crabbie’s ginger beer so poured myself half a glass of it over ice. about 9 o’clock contractions started and they were coming every four to five minutes. I left it an hour to see what happened but they were still coming, i decided to ring the MAU because my labours with the squishy one and little A were so short and because of the gbs. They told me to come up so I grabbed my bags but to be honest I expected that we’d be coming home again. They examined me in the MAU and I was only 2cm, cervix was soft but long and posterior. The midwife decided to do a sweep to see what happened and they left me on the ctg for half an hour. Contractions continued at every 5 minutes. they were definitely stronger when i was standing. The midwife asked what we wanted to do, we could go to the antenatal ward (the husband would have to go home) or go to labour ward (surprise, surprise they hadn’t heard anything about me going to MLU!) We decided to go to labour ward to see what happened. Contractions were very incoordinate and I said to the midwife that I had suspected for the last week or so that he was back to back, she agreed and suggested I keep standing and rotating my hips through contractions to try and get him to turn. Progress was very, very slow. They examined me about 3am and I was only 4cm. They offered to break my waters and I agreed because i hoped it would move things along. About an hour later i felt pushing urges and tried for a bit but nothing was happening, they examined me again and i was only 6cm. Baby was coping great with the labour but I was seriously flagging, contractions were agonising but had no rhythm to them. I started asking for an epidural as I was really struggling with the pain. The husband (who usually remains silent during my labours while i argue) decided this was the moment he would speak up and repeatedly tell them that no I didn’t really want an epidural and i’d only regret it. They gave me diamorphine which did sweet FA expect make me feel out of it (and not in a good way). I ended up in tears, literally begging for an epidural and they finally started to get it organised, by the point the anaesthetist came in I was 9cm so I couldn’t have it. If they had offered to shoot me in the head at that stage as an alternative I would have happily accepted. About two hours of pushing followed. I couldn’t surrender myself to it at all, E, and D and A were all born after very short second stages but I couldn’t stop myself fighting against it and begging with them to help me. I feel like the world’s biggest wuss, it’s just so embarrassing. Finally they did another internal and found there was a cervical lip that was getting more and more swollen, the midwife put her hand in and held it back through a contraction and while i pushed to force it behind his head. That was excruciating, but eventually I did manage to get him out. The cord was wrapped around his neck once, but he wasn’t at all distressed. I know I didn’t end up in the MLU but the midwives really were fantastic, they were very hands off, brought me a birthing mat and ball, there was a birthing stool available. They even brought us tea and toast in the middle of the night when our energy was flagging, it was a terrible experience but not because of where I was or who was around me, well except I’m not sure I’m ever going to forgive the husband. I kind of want to insist now that he is the one who gets sterilised, without anaesthetic, and possibly with a rusty knife.

My idea of romance has change somewhat too. I like to say to the husband, I bet Tom Hiddleston would have been a gentleman and sorted it


So at 7lbs 10oz my baby boy is here and I am so happy to meet him. He’s adorable.


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