30 Weeks

Three quarters of the way there. 

So how are things going?

Well, the Best Friend (with whom I share too much) gave birth two weeks ago to a healthy baby boy via a planned c-section. He was a little grunty after birth and spent 3 days in the NICU. The staff in there are tougher than prison guards, seriously, he reached a stage where he was nicely stabilised but they still wouldn’t let the Best Friend hold him because “he needs to rest.” Apparently they have not heard of kangaroo care. They also refused to treat his tongue tie so now…. he’s being bottle fed. Well done. 

Rant aside. I am happy to report that they are home and baby is doing well and is ridiculously cute. I’m quite enjoying hogging all the cuddles that I can. 

I had my glucose tolerance test. I haven’t heard the results of it, but apparently they go with a no news is good news policy so I can assume all is well. In truth I was way too impatient to sit around waiting to hear if I would get a call, or not so I secreted one of the eldest child’s blood glucose monitors in my handbag. I did finger prick tests on myself fasting, at one hour and at two hours and my results were 5.2, 5.9 and 6 mmol/l, well within range so it’s all good. I was glad the glucose tolerance test was not the horrendous experience that I was expecting. I had read so much about being feeling horribly ill during or after it. I had a teensy bit of a headache but was otherwise fine. 

The only real issue I am struggling with is the return of the dreaded SPD. I was climbing a set of stairs last night and could actually feel my hip sort of popping in and out. Sometimes it’s okay but the other times it’s so bad I’m horribly unsteady on my feet. This is leaving me trapped at home as I’m not capable of walking out pushing little A in her buggy. I am yet to pass my driving test either so I have an unusable car sitting in my driveway to add to my frustrations. I have failed my test twice so far, on one major fault each time. First time I’ll admit I messed up, I clipped a kerb on my way back to the test centre but the second time I think it was more down to a judgement call with a notoriously tough/strict examiner (I’ve since found out that his nickname is alternatively “No Heart” – a play on his surname, or “No Pass”). I’m sitting the test again on Tuesday, terrified I’ll get him again but convinced I’ll fail anyway regardless. 

We moved Little A out of our bedroom and into sharing a room with the Squishy one. This is probably the only meaningful thing we have done in terms of prep for the one baby, other than I bought two packets of Pampers new baby nappies that were buy one get one free. I have not arranged the new mattress, car seat, replacement wheel for the iCandy buggy (the old one fell off) or done any of the other things that I need to. Ten weeks is still lots of time though and right now I need to focus on failing my driving test repeatedly and getting the kids back to school in September. I don’t even have another appointment with a HCP until 34 weeks and everything will still be up in the air until they do the GBS swab at 36 weeks, so prepping feels a little pointless. 



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