Burdened with glorious…..

I’m still waiting for that second trimester burst of energy where I feel normal again and not like I want to pass out on the sofa mid afternoon or be in bed by ten.

It’s not happening.

This could be because I have buckets of other life stuff getting the way. What mother of four isn’t tired? and I’m still up several times per night checking the eldest’s blood glucose levels. I really hope that calms down at some point before the baby arrives, but then again if it doesn’t I just pretend to breastfeed the infant and kick the husband and tell him he has to do it.

The tiredness sucks, especially the mid afternoon slump when I’m sitting on the sofa fighting to keep my eyes open. It doesn’t pay to close them, the kids will only get up to some mischief, such as a few days ago when the boy decided to help himself to some apples from the fridge and ended up spilling an entire bottle of Newman’s Own balsalmic salad dressing over the kitchen floor. Aside from that, and invulnerable heartburn that cannot be slayed by conventional means, I’m doing pretty good.

Today we had our anomaly scan. I’ve been very nervous about it, some people on one of the October birth boards have had some very bad news recently and it’s rattled me and made me a little afraid. It was nice that this time the husband was able to get out of work to come along with me.

I’m very pleased to report that every looked great. Baby was lying in a nice position so the sonographer was easily able to see and measure all the parts that she needed to and it looks like we’ve got a little boy on our hands! We waited until the very end of the scan to ask and she started to laugh, saying she had been trying to hide it from us all the way through as it was very obvious and she didn’t want to ruin it for us if we wanted a surprise.

It still feels very unreal though. I was lying there thinking wow, that’s an actual baby, in my actual body. I guess with everything that has been going on I still genuinely forget at times that I am pregnant and I’m focusing my energy so many other upcoming things that the baby appearing is a vague happening whenever it happens.

In some ways that’s kind of nice. It doesn’t feel like a drag yet. I have no impatience, equally though I realise I am a mere 22 weeks and there is a LOT of time ahead to get impatient and feel abdominally overburdened (abdominally – is that a word?).

So without further ado, here are some shots of the little guy. I am so glad I kept so much clothing from the boy. I don’t think I need to buy a single thing between now and October 2016.

loki 1 loki 2 loki 3 loki 4 loki 5

Loki seems to be ticking along in there quite nicely,