I bought a buggy

Last summer I was having a bit of a clear out. I decided  that I was done with baby making so I took a number of items including a baby bath and my double buggy and donated them to a charity shop.

I’ve been kind of kicking myself about that one now. The thing is a lot of the baby equipment that I have left over is on its last legs, but I absolutely resent having to buy new stuff for what will absolutely 100% be my last baby. I’m looking at my high chair and wondering if I can stretch its use just that little bit further…. I have already accepted that a new stage one carseat is in order. The donated double buggy is a real sore point for me too as I think I will need one for a few months at least until Little A is big enough and competent enough to manage the school run twice a day on foot. Squishy was 2 and a half before I retired her buggy and 3 years old before I retired the buggy board and expected her to go everywhere on foot. There will be overlap of maybe four months where a double buggy will be handy, and I could cry at the thought of spending a minimum of £200 on a buggy for those few months.

So when I saw the same model as my old double buggy for sale on my local Facebook Buy It/Sell It page for the princely sum of £50, I had to snap it up. Now I have to  A: try and not be superstitious about having it in the house and B: Hide it from the eldest as we still haven’t broken the news.

The funny thing about all of this is that money isn’t an issue. I could  easily go out and buy a brand new buggy and any number of other baby related things, it’s just long experience has taught me how brief the space of time these things are used is and how quickly all your lovely new baby  stuff acquires a patina of slobber, spew and unidentified foodstuffs. I am so far over the first time mother mentality that I had where everything had to be shiny new. I remember actually crying because the eldest slept in a borrowed moses basket and had a borrowed bouncy chair because it all had to be a sign of her impoverished childhood. Now I am quite happy to reuse whatever I can. In fact all of my children as newborns have gone into the same pack of side fastening baby vests. Hopefully later this year they will complete 12 years of service.

Am I being a cheapskate? Or am I just frugal and practical? I suppose I could always hand-make some seat covers with Cath Kidston fabric and give the chassis a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and tell people I’m upcycling. It’s all very Kirstie Allsop, darling!

As for the donated baby bath…. well I think we’ll manage just fine with the kitchen sink.


One thought on “I bought a buggy”

  1. Hehe, I have heard so many people say they got rid of baby stuff and then they have a *surprise*! 😉
    I am much more focused on the happy state of the baby now, rather than how beautiful or new the stuff is that we use. With my third baby, I used almost everything from my older two children (7 & 11 years older), and we did just fine with “old” things. I still have everything so that we can use it again if/when we have another. Btw, Congratulations! 😀

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