7 Weeks

Time for a check in and nothing too exciting is going on around here except I feel nauseous 90% of the time, I am eating a horrendous amount of carbs and between bloat and carb-related weight gain I look about four months pregnant already.

I decided this morning that I should probably ring and make an appointment with the midwives to book in but when I called I was told that I couldn’t make an appointment without first doing a pregnancy test at the GP’s surgery. I explained I’d seen my GP, been to the EPU, had a positive blood test at the hospital and two scans but it’s a bit of a “computer says no” situation. Le sigh. Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing.

Could be a few weeks then before I get an appointment and who knows how long it will be after that before I get my dating scan. I don’t feel in a particular rush for either though so I suppose it’s okay. I’d probably be content with booking a private scan for twelve weeks and sauntering along to the midwives some time in April just to get the ball rolling for the anatomy scan. If my last pregnancies are anything to go by I think they’ll see me at booking in and then not again until something like 28 weeks (might be longer than that, I can’t remember), anyway, since aside from scans it’s standard to leave me pretty much to my own devices for most of the time I don’t feel any overwhelming need to see them anytime soon. However, we booked our first family holiday this week and every spare penny over the next few months needs to go towards that so I doubt a private scan is something I can reasonably do.

Oh there is one fun pregnancy symptom I must share. I am already suffering from horrendous baby brain. The husband and I are going to London in July to see Monty Python and I decided to book our flights last weekend, I got a great price and I was feeling great about myself, that is until I looked at the dates and realised I had booked for June instead of July. I also emailed him today at work before remembering he is sitting upstairs. I’m sure there are many more moments of raging idiocy and forgetfulness to come.


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