Happy Valentine’s!


A quick post this evening, I just want to report that I had my repeat scan and things are looking good. We have a little baby in there with a nice yolk sac (that’s the round thing sitting to one side) and a heartbeat! I actually got to hear it too which is a new experience for me this early.  The EPU are happy to discharge me and have me go into the normal system so the next step now is to make my booking appointment.

One thing is irritating me a little. I posted last week about how I had ended up telling my sister because I was upset at the doctor’s office. She then took it upon herself to tell the rest of my family. I don’t want to start an argument with her but it’s really bugging me. When I went into labour with little A, I had turned off comments on my facebook wall because I didn’t want to announce to the world at large that the baby was on the way. My sister then posted about it on her page AND gave away the sex of the baby, which we had been keeping secret. I guess I just wish she’d develop some boundaries and realise that some news is not her’s to deliver.


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s!”

  1. Yeah that’s a rough situation. Have you talked to you sister about giving away your news before? She’ll never stop if you don’t talk to her. I would have been pissed. Good luck!

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