The Fear (Part 2)

So last night I started getting a pain in my right side. It’s not severe, but it’s there and I am hyper aware of it. It’s a kind of burning pain, similar to what I felt last time. Naturally I am on a Def Con 1 of a freak out right now. I had a good cry last night and went to sleep, woke up this morning and it’s still there. I’m off to see my doctor this afternoon and I am completely and utterly terrified of what they will tell me. In fact, I am sitting here assuming the worse and feeling sick with terror. There is quite the battle going on in my head right between the little voice that says it’ll be okay, and the much bigger louder voice that is screaming DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!

I am so spectacularly unimpressed with my husband who has gone off to work as it wouldn’t occur to him that I might need him around. He never comes to the EPU with me and I am fed up of going there alone. He’s not great with talking about feelings, in fact he spent most of this morning cracking jokes, which made me want to crack a plate over his head.

I’m almost too scared to hope that everything is okay.


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