Cycle Day 26 – 7 DPO.

I think I’m out. I don’t know what possessed me, but yesterday i took my BBT when I woke up and it had dropped a little, so naturally I took it again today (I don’t normal temp beyond confirming ovulation) and it has dropped again. I’m feeling very negative this morning (see this is why I don’t usually continue past ovulation! it can set me up for a terrible mood for the day). I think we are out this month and AF is on the way. Once that happens I’m going to take myself back to the GP to have a talk about the weird pains I’m continuing to have, the burning pain is continuing, right now it’s focused on the right side. It was very intense last night, almost to the point where I was going to take pain-killers. My sister suffers from endometriosis and it makes me very nervous when some of the symptoms I am describing match her experience. It’s not normal whatever it is, it can’t be normal to spend two weeks out of every four in pain.

It’s probably the PMS making me feel so bleak.


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