Cycle Day 18

I think I had a dud batch of OPKs. I’ve continued using them for the last few days and I continued to get no lines in the test area. I decided to order a new batch just in case but in the meantime I dismissed the lack of lines as just me being paranoid. I spent far too much time googling OPK progressions and it seemed like it was pretty common to have no test line early on in your cycle, so it had to be that I was just being impatient.

As I didn’t think ovulation was going to happen any time soon, the husband and I haven’t exactly been very careful when it came to baby dancing. Okay we hadn’t been careful at all, that in itself should have been a clue, the man seems to have some sort of primal sixth sense when it comes to my ovaries. The replacement batch of OPKs arrived yesterday and on a whim I did one last night, just to see if there was any difference between it and the ones I had been using.

CD18 1400 There was a significant difference, and all those little additional signs that I had been dismissing? well I probably shouldn’t have.

Okay so this doesn’t mean I am actually going to ovulate, in the past I have had cycles where I’ve had more than one patch of positive opks only for ovulation to be delayed, but this could mean that I am going to ovulate. I’m just going to have to watch my temp now to see what happens. And I guess this also means that we are trying again. I hope that is not a phenomenally dumb decision.





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