36 Week Midwife Check

I had a midwife appointment today, with the member of the team that I nicknamed The Merchant of DOOM back when I was pregnant with the Squishy one. It actually turns out that when she’s not trying to convince you of how appallingly dangerous home birth is, she’s actually pretty nice. It’s a shame really, her fear really tainted my experience of being in her care last time, so while I’m happy to receive general care from her I wouldn’t want her on the on-call rota again.

Anyhew, I had my blood pressure checked, a listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and a quick palpation of my stomach. Of course baby is still breech, and my fundus is measuring 38 weeks but the midwife believes that’s because the baby is sitting high up rather than being large. Oh and it’s safe to say that the discomfort I had yesterday WAS not the start of labour. I just have to sit back now and wait for Monday and see what happens when they attempt ECV.

I wish I would just go into labour before then and the decision about whether to try ECV or whether to have a c-section or a vaginal birth could just be taken out of my hands. I’d also like an end to the mounting SPD. It’s getting to the really, really not fun stage.

But I have to be patient and I have to trust that things will happen as they should. I suck at being patient.

In other news the final piece of equipment I needed for doing a DIY conversion on an Ikea Gulliver cot to make it into a co-sleeper has arrived! I intend to post a full blog about that later once the hubs is home from work and can help me with the shifting of furniture and what not.


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