You Think I’d Know By Now

It’s probably a good thing that your body arranges the perfect cascade of hormones to make you virtually amnesiac about the pain of your previous birthing experiences. Intellectually I KNOW that getting the boy and the youngest girl out bloody hurt (I had an epidural with number 1) but I can’t actually recall the quality of that pain. If you ask me about it I say “yeah it was bad, but not too bad.” If you had asked me at the time I might have sworn at you or stabbed you or broke every bone in your hand. Like I said, intellectually I know this. It’s a good thing, I think if you could remember with crystal clarity what that pain was like you’d never willingly go through it again, instead you face future pregnancies with a pragmatic “it was bad, but I got through it and I can do it again” attitude.

The downside is, that four pregnancies later I’m as clueless as first time mother about what constitutes the beginning of labour. I’m googling “signs of labour” and “what does the mucus plug look like,” and wondering to myself “oh, is that a contraction?” along with everyone else.

I’m trying to remember the truth in the statement “you will know when it is a contraction.” It’s one of those totally unmistakable feelings when you finally hits you, it’s just before then you will wonder if any other twinge, ache or even just a plain old fart is the beginning of labour.

So I’m sitting here with a sort of achy belly, wondering if this the start of something (unlikely).

You’d think I’d know by now.


5 thoughts on “You Think I’d Know By Now”

  1. LOL. I don’t know if that statement “you will know when it is a contraction.” is really true. I had my first in February and it was less than 4 hours start to finish. The first half hour of labor I got on the treadmill (as I did every morning) assuming it was likely false labor. Things picked up while I was on there, but I still wasn’t convinced. I took a shower and things continued to pick up, and I started to think “maybe.” It was not until my water broke 1 1/2 hours in that I was like “yup, I’m probably in labor.” Less than 10 minutes after that I was no longer in doubt 😀

    Good luck with everything! I hope it all works out for you the way you are hoping. I forget, do you get to have a tub to labor/give birth in? I know for me that made a HUGE difference in the pain. Once I got in my tub, I remember thinking that it wasn’t fun but I could totally do it again! (Midwife’s assistant had just confirmed for me that I was in transition).

  2. Hopefully not. I have to have a chat with them about it next week when I go for ECV, I mentioned it to the doctor last week and she didn’t look totally horrified at the notion so fingers crossed! Well fingers crossed first and foremost that baby turns and, failing that, that the ECV works!

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