‘Bustion some moves

I ended up making a little trip to the Fetal Assessment Unit yesterday. My back was aching and my abdomen was aching. It wasn’t like contractions, it was like period pain, sort of continuous but it just didn’t feel right so I thought it was best to get checked out.

They put the baby on CTG monitor, did a VE and finally did an ultrasound scan. The conclusion? I was not in early labour (phew) but I was the proud of owner of one still stubbornly breech baby who decided to notch the excitement up a bit by lying on a nerve, thereby causing the back pain.

I got to have a nice chat with the same junior doctor I had seen at the last antenatal clinic (lovely, lovely woman, with a fantastic bedside manner even though, alarmingly, she looks all of about 15 years old). I told her that I was due back to the consultant clinic next Friday for a presentation scan, and she told me that if the baby continued to be breech they’d probably attempt external cephalic version there and then. She didn’t seem very optimistic about it though.

I started to panic a little. I’m not scared of having a c-section as such, the operation itself doesn’t frighten me. It’s the recovery that worries me, because I have two very demanding little ones as it is and I can’t imagine them suddenly deciding to cut me some slack because I’ve had major abdominal surgery.

I talked to a few people and did a bit of reading online and decided that I’d give moxibustion a go. I made an appointment at my local Chinese medical centre and set off this afternoon to have some mugwort burnt near my toes. The acupuncturist was very nice. She reckons my energy is low and I should be eating more meat (I’ll admit I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t actually eat much meat at all, and tend to eat a lot more fish than red meat). She told me to expect the baby to be very active during and after the procedure.

I had a few nudges but other than that, zip, zilch, nada. There were no dramatic flippings-over. I think this little one is too comfy where it is.

I’m supposed to go back tomorrow for a repeat treatment but I’m kind of hoping that overnight, maybe when I’m fast asleep, it’ll decide to make the turn. I’m not feeling hugely optimistic about it though.


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