Sorry I didn’t update after the appointment on Friday. I was having a bit of a bad day.

So… the appointment went well, insofar as there are no reasons to that they would advise against me having a homebirth except BABY HAS TURNED BREECH AGAIN!!!!!

Gah!!! I sort of suspected as much as I sat in the waiting room, but I really hoped I was wrong and all those kicks I was feeling on my cervix were actually punches as the baby practised its kung fu moves. No such luck.

At least the consultant was nice and positive about it (I like her, she’s very friendly and very approachable). She believes there is still loads of time for the baby to turn, and if it doesn’t turn by the time they see me again (in 3 weeks) she will try and do external cephalic version. I found out at the weekend from my mum that apparently I had to be turned at 37 weeks, so maybe it’s a fourth baby thing? Maybe the other three have just stretched out my uterus like an old duffle bag so there’s loads of room to just keep spinning.

I hope the baby turns on its own before it reaches the point of ECV though, it just looks ODD (obviously this isn’t me in the video, it’s just a random one I found on youtube).

So in the meantime I have to go back and see the midwives at 36 weeks and ask them ever so nicely to get the ball rolling over organising a care rota and the delivery of equipment to my house, under the assumption that the baby WILL turn.

If it has room. Right now I think my bump is in danger of exploding.

I’m just going to take a moment to explain the presence of a bottle of cola in my bathroom. Someone told me that cola is excellent for cleaning toilets in place of harsh chemicals. I’d like to state that is not true, come back Toilet Duck, all is forgiven.


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