Hi ho hi ho it’s off to the consultant I go…..

33 weeks and today I get the pleasure of heading to the antenatal clinic and saying please Doctor may I have a home birth?

These appointments make me very nervous. The thing is, chances are the doctor will say “well you’re low risk so of course you can”, but there’s always that very small chance that they might turn around and for some reason say “no.” I’d have to argue with them then and I hate confrontation, so I get myself all worked up in the meantime preparing for a debate that’s probably not even going to happen.

So how have things been going generally?

Well I’m anaemic. I’m not exactly sure how anaemic, I keep forgetting to call the doctor and find out precisely what the measurement was, but it was apparently anaemic enough to warrant giving me a prescription for iron tablets. I can’t take the iron tablets. I mean I tried but they made me violently sick, so sick in fact that the husband had to take a day off work to look after the kids because I couldn’t lift my head from the toilet bowl for the best part of three hours. I’ve now started taking Spatone instead, it’s liquid iron that you mix with orange juice. It tastes like blood. I don’t know if it’s just that metallic edge to it or what, but I can keep it down so that has to be a plus.

I think baby has finally turned head down too. I was getting a huge amount of kicks in my cervix, it seemed like all movement was below my bikini line and I got absolutely nothing above my belly button, then last Friday and Saturday night my bump became really sore and the baby started to turn. I’m now getting those huge full belly movements for the first time this pregnancy and experiencing the joy of having a foot wedged in my ribs while the baby now punches me in the cervix instead.

Heartburn and indigestion continues. I’m now on 2 daily doses of ranitidine and about a 1lt of vile gaviscon a day in between. I do wonder if the hairy baby thing is true. The only other pregnancy I suffered with heartburn was my eldest and she had a full head of dark hair. The boy had a tiny amount of hair when he was born but it was so blonde and so fine we didn’t even think he had eyebrows until we saw him in sunlight the next morning, the squishy one had only the mildest smattering of hair too (which promptly fell out and has now re-grown in the style of Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, while the boy has a head of magnificent ringlets).

SPD/PGP is rearing it’s head again. I’ve spent the last month or so dealing with hip pain but it’s making it’s way around now to the front of my pelvis.

I can’t believe I have seven weeks to go. I feel done. I feel enormous. I struggle to get out of chairs. I can get down on the floor to clean pretty easily but it’s extremely difficult to get back up again.

I still have a lot of things to organise too. We picked up an Ikea Gulliver cot that we plan to side-car to the bed, but I haven’t organised a mattress for it yet or the logistics of attaching it to the bed and making sure everything is nice and level with no gaps. I haven’t ordered the things I need for my birthing pool. I haven’t picked up any nursing bras.

Well at least after today I will know whether it’s worth ordering those home birth supplies.


One thought on “Hi ho hi ho it’s off to the consultant I go…..”

  1. Congrats on 33 weeks! You’re getting so close!

    How did your appointment go? Is the homebirth a go? Ireland must be very different than the USA. I never needed permission for a homebirth, just found a midwife who would work with me and that was it (though a few states do outlaw midwifery, mine does not).

    As for the hairy head and heartburn thing, it wasn’t true for me. My baby was born with an extremely hairy head and I only had heart burn on a few occasions, always following an exceptionally greasy or spicy meal.

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