And we’re back!

Baby is breech again.

Okay I know it’s not a big deal, there’s still a lot of room in there and there’s still plenty of time for many many turnings. I just felt a bit smug when it was head down a few weeks ago, like my clever baby is getting ahead of the curve.

So how do I know baby is head up again?

Well I had a 4D scan on Saturday.

So now I know that baby is head up and that it weighs an estimated 2lbs 11oz which is exactly average for this gestation.

I had a 4D scan when I was pregnant with the boy, but much earlier, at 21 weeks. It was great but he looked pretty skeletal. A 28 week scan was much better for the baby to look like an actual baby. I have to say, I think the baby looks like the boy, most people who have seen the scan pictures agree with me. They both have the same mouth (their daddy’s), they both have chubby cheeks (also like their daddy when he was a baby), the only real difference is the nose. So far the kids have all tended to have a nose similar to mine (I have a fairly small nose), this baby appears to maybe take after the husband’s side of the family.

I finally saw my midwife again. I had a 28 week appointment with her yesterday. It was pretty standard, she took some blood samples to check my iron levels and double check my anti-d status (I don’t get that one, I’ve been A+ all my life, is it suddenly going to change mid-pregnancy???), she measured my fundal height (29 weeks) and BP, and had a listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Thank Buddha she didn’t weigh me. I weighed myself on Sunday and was not happy with the result. I have gained 37lbs. I have a whole trimester to go and I have gained 2lbs more than the absolute upper limit of what I’m supposed to for the whole pregnancy. I have signed up for ¬† now and have started calorie counting. Following Weight Watchers clearly is not working for me (or should I say, NOT following Weight Watchers), it’s just I feel like I’ll scream if I have to look at a points calculator again for a while. My fitness pal has an app so at least I can easily track on the go, plus it’s free so that’s always a bonus. Anyhew here’s a picture of the 28 week bump (don’t mind the fat arms, gah!)

I guess lastly the only thing I have to report is the progress on the home birth front. I was told yesterday I need to go see the consultant at the hospital at 34 weeks so they can rubber stamp me. Sighsville. I’ve been to these appointments before, they literally just look through your notes and say “fine.” I guess I just couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of organising a babysitter (very hard to do when everyone around you works full-time) and getting myself to the hospital and sitting around in a waiting room for something that could be achieved over the phone. Unless of course they recommend against it for some reason…. but hopefully that won’t happen.

I also asked what the situation was re home water births and it appears that 4 years on, the Western Health and Social Services Trust STILL hasn’t managed to train any/many community midwives in it. I was assured when having the boy that they were all being trained, in fact passing them as competent was really just a rubber stamping exercising…. though I’ve got to fair to the midwife I spoke to yesterday, she had a very good attitude and suggested that on the day it was possible that one of my community midwives could swap with one of the midwives from the MLU at the hospital who are well versed in water birth. I won’t hold my breath for that to happen but it was nice to think it’s a possibility.

So that’s all for 28 weeks, but before I go…. here’s a 4D sneak peak of the Poppler.


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