T2 – T3 (not talking about Terminator movies here)

I have one of those countdown tickers on the forum where I most frequently post. It gives me a nice running update of how far along I am, how the baby is developing and how long I have left to go. It tells me how far I am in weeks and how long is left is days. The bizarre thing is the weeks seem to be making much more progress than the days.

So today I am 27 weeks and 6 days, with 86 days left to go, which sounds like way more than 12 weeks.

I can’t decide if I’m in the 3rd trimester yet either. Some sites seem to think it starts at 27 weeks, other’s 28. I’m going to go with 28 and say that today is the last day of trimester two.

So how are things standing at the end of trimester two?

I’m getting really slack with taking bump pictures lately, I seem to be missing every other week because I keep forgetting to take a snap or the battery on my phone is too low for the camera to work.

I am still suffering with god awful indigestion.

I’m starting to experience a bit of pelvic girdle pain. It’s different to last time though when all the pain was focused at the front of my pelvis, this time it’s focused in my left butt cheek, radiating down my leg at times with a touch of sciatica.

I am a giant fatty fat fat fat fat. I am actually hiding from the scales right now. I know it’s not baby weight, it’s “I’ve been eating crap” weight. I’m really struggling to get in control of my eating habits again. I’m spending far too much time now feeling bloated and overly full. Easter and the plethora of chocolate that has invaded my house has not helped.

I’m starting to experience a bit of swelling. I have sausage fingers and cankles and a bit of a moon face from time to time. I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood pressure and luckily it seems to be normal.

I have made my decision that I intend to birth at home again. It took watching several of the videos on mybirth.tv  for me to make up my mind. I’m supposed to see my midwife sometime this week or next and I am going to ask her about the availability of water birth in the community, but ultimately my plan is to use the pool for pain relief and if I don’t want to get out…. well I won’t be getting out.

I’m redecorating my living room! It’s great to indulge just a little bit of my nesting instinct. I need to tackle our hall way next as it’s currently been graffiti’ed to within an inch of its life by Squishy. I am channelling my mother with this one. I’m too embarrassed to have health care professionals in the house while it looks like this, because they will judge me. It follow the same logic as wearing clean underwear everyday in case you are hit by a bus.

I have started to get mildly organised on the baby front. I bought some socks, vests, babygros and hats. Then I took a haul of baby clothes and blankets from the attic and washed them. The baby has now taken over two drawers in my chest, forcing me to shove all my clothes into a mere 1 drawer but since I only have about six things that fit me at the moment it’s not the issue you’d think it would be. I’ve also started stock-piling nappies, cotton wool, teeny baby nail scissors and soft brushes. This month I need to get organised on the bigger purchases such as the replacements bits and pieces I need for my birthing pool, a new birthing ball and somewhere for the baby to sleep (though I know it will end up sleeping in with us).

So that’s how things stand. I suppose I should scamper off and take a bump picture.


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