Assume the Position

Kids like to make you look like a liar, it’s a fact. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have rushed a “desperately ill” child to the out of hours doctor’s service for them to sudden perk up and drop their body temperature back to the normal range. They do this on purpose to make you look neurotic.

Foetuses are no exception. The boy child sent me into a total panic while pregnant by refusing to move for roughly 24 hours. My community midwife sent me to the fetal assessment unit at the hospital where the midwife there had great difficulty in locating a heartbeat with a doppler. Eventually she got out the ultrasound machine and lo and behold we were treated to an image of the boy essentially mooning us. He had turned upside down, directing his kicks towards my back and his tiny little baby butt towards the ultrasound wand. He was absolutely fine.

Poppler decided to do much the same thing this week. On Sunday there were kicks a plenty, you know the kind where it looks like someone is trying to complete a Rubix cube inside your stomach, then on Monday it pretty much stopped, and stayed stopped aside from the very occasional wriggle. I was starting to fear the worst. I was beginning to think what if with all that movement on Sunday they managed to tie their umblical cord in a knot or loop it around their neck or something like that? So I was sent for another scan and I discovered I have another mooner.

Relief isn’t the word for it. The scan also seems to have had the effect of waking baby up, the bouncing lunatic has returned.

So Poppler is head down and raring to go, in fourteen weeks from now.

And finally…..

I’m a bit behind on the bump pics, but here it is at week 25. Wow I either need to really clean that camera lens or the mirror. Smudge city.


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