I love it when a plan comes together….

There’s a lot of talk on my July birth board right now about when to pack hospital bags, what to put in them and what to write on your birth plan. I find it interesting to read other people’s birth plans, some of them are crazy-detailed, like specifying the direction of cut they would prefer if they need an episiotomy. When I had the boy I had one of the those heavily detailed birth plans. I think it was about three pages long and it covered everything from pain relief to what should happen if I suffered a post-partum haemorrhage. I may have over thought it a little. I was trying to micro-manage the experience.

Now that I’m on my 4th pregnancy I think I have finally distilled the art of the birth plan down to the stuff that is actually important to me. It’s about 6 lines long, and I’m going to share it here.

  • Do not offer me pethidine or any other opiate-based pain relief.
  • Do not rub down or otherwise clean up the baby when he/she is born but pass him/her directly to me
  • I want delayed clamping and cutting of the cord
  • I want a physiological third stage (so no syntometrine injection)
  • I want the baby to receive vitamin K orally, not by injection.
  • In the event I need to have a c-section I want the baby passed directly to my husband for skin to skin contact.

This to me is the important stuff – no heavy drugs, no interfering with the process unnecessarily and no invasive procedures for baby, but heaven help anyone who tries to argue with me about it.


One thought on “I love it when a plan comes together….”

  1. Good advice. A birthing class instructor told me to keep in mind that if I was transferring to a hospital then the care providers wouldn’t likely have time to look at an extensive document. It takes more work to inform yourself enough to create that shorter list – but well worth it.

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