It’s a……….

I’m pleased to report that the scan went very well last week. It was a little hard to visualise the baby as it was lying in a rather weird position (ankles around ears) so it took a while to get the scan but thankfully I didn’t end up standing on my head like last time.

And I caved.

I asked the question and we got a potty shot.

But I’m not telling. If I told the sex I’d be tempted to share the name and where would be the surprise in that?


Look at that little face! So cute. We were very lucky to actually get some great definition on the face, it’s making me very tempted to go for a 4D scan, though I need a new washing machine so I doubt the budget will stretch to both.

It’s starting to feel very real now and I’m in list making mode, things we need for the baby, things we need to get the house ready, things I just want because they are cute. The priority is going to go to sorting the house out. Our walls have a ring of grubbiness at about a height of between 2-3 foot and I’m awfully embarrassed by it, I cringe at the thought of midwives coming in to the place because they will be judging me for being an awful slattern. The nesting is definitely starting. We took several bags and boxes of rubbish to the dump this week already when I attacked the bedrooms. I thought I was going to make myself unpopular with the husband by insisting that he take some of his lego collection out of our bedroom and pack it away in the attic, but as the boy has been scaling the bookcases with increased skill to get at the Batman sets of late, the husband was happy enough to comply.

I could cry at the thought of everything that needs to be done but mainly because I can’t get cracking on with any of it yet. Lists are only satisfying if you can tick things off them.


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