Last Night

I’ve made a lot of guesses over the years when filling out my children’s baby books. I was a bit superstitious and never wrote anything in them while actually pregnant so when it came to their birth and me actually filling them in, I couldn’t actually remember things like when did I first hear their heartbeat? (generally it was sometime after I first saw it) when did I first feel them kick? It’s terrible to admit. You think when it’s happening “this is so special!” it’ll immediately be laser etched onto your brain for posterity. That SO doesn’t happen. My advice is write everything down as it happens, literally while it’s happening if possible because two hours later (never mind six months) you’ll never remember.

That’s another little reason why I started this blog. I wanted a proper record of, not just how I was feeling, but when I was feeling it, when certain things happened. I think it’ll be nice to look back over this in years from now and have a full journal of my thoughts, and to have a load of baby bump pictures.

Two things happened last night.

1. I saw the Northern Lights. Okay it wasn’t quite the multicoloured light show that you see on TV, I’m too far south and in the middle of a city for that, but none the less they were up there and it was amazing, and just confirmed my desire to see them properly at some stage.

2. After all my worrying about a lack of movement I felt a kick! Like a proper actual kick! from the outside! It was extremely low down, like bikini line low, but none the less it was there, a little flick that I felt against my finger tips. The husband then spent twenty minutes with his hand pressed there hoping for a repeat but nothing happened, and as The Boy was lying asleep between the two of us, the poor husband just ended up with a dead arm.

Pretty spectacular evening I’d say.


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