When I had my other kids I was considerably bigger than I am now, so there are a few experiences of pregnancy that I sort of missed out on. One was an appreciable difference in the size of my boobs. The thing was I had pretty huge boobs to begin with and they got a little bit bigger, it was enough to notice having to go up a cup size or two but it didn’t make a huge difference overall to how my cleavage looked. When I lost the weight I lost my boobs along with it. I shrunk from an E cup to a C. Now a C might not sound that small but to me they were positively tiny, they also took on a look of being slightly deflated. I started saving then and there for the boob job I plan to have once I’m done with baby making and nursing.

But all of a sudden they’ve sprung back again, gone is that spaniel’s ear look and I’m back to big bouncy globes. I keep staring at my own chest in wonderment. I can’t believe it took me to my 4th pregnancy to experience this. It’s joyous. I can actually laugh at this poster now

The downside is though that I think my milk has dried up. I tried to express a little this morning and got absolutely nada, zlich, none. Now I know that Squishy is far more efficient at extracting milk than either myself or a breast pump but I can’t help but feel this is another nail in the coffin.

My bump also appears to have rapidly expanded all of a sudden too. I’ve been reading the baby centre app on my phone that the baby is going to go through a major growth spurt about now. I can well believe that. I spent the weekend feeling either ravenously hungry or thoroughly nauseasted. The faint pregnancy glow I had for around half an hour last week (when I thought to myself “ooo my skin has cleared up and it’s feeling really soft and my hair is quite shiny!”) evaporated rapidly and has been replaced by another skin outbreak. This has to be a hormone surge.

Still not feeling much on the movement front, still at the point now of not being sure if the little bubbles I feel are kicks are wind. By this stage with the boy I’d been feeling him kick for weeks and the husband was able to feel the kicks too. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I have an anterior placenta. They didn’t mention it when I had my last scan but I’ve been comparing my scan picture with other scans of anterior placentas and they all look quite similar. I’ve never really noticed my placenta in any scans before and it was quite obvious at the twelve week scan. It would explain why I am getting so little movement. It’s another four weeks almost until my anomaly scan so I suppose I’ll have to wait until then to ask about it.

So finally, here is my bump picture from last week. It was taken at 16 + 5.


One thought on “Changes”

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