14 Weeks (More or Less)

So today I am 14 weeks by my count (14+6 by crazy scan date). As I said before I have decided to stick by my Fertility Friend chart dates as I trust them.

I’m fairly certain that I am feeling movements not that AREN’T gas related. I was walking around Tesco last night doing a little shopping and I could feel kicks. You might think it’s a bit early for actual kicks but I felt them very early with the boy and by 17 weeks it was possible to feel him kicking from the outside, which was no mean feat considering I was at least 80lbs heavier back then. It’s good to get the movement, since the nausea has faded away I tend to spend a lot of time not feeling pregnant and doubting myself as to whether or not I’ve made the whole thing up. One thing that I can’t avoid though is the broken nights as I need to get up at least once to go use the bathroom. I know this is common in the early weeks and I KNOW it’s par for the course in the last few months but in the second trimester? In the second trimester it is just plain unfair, especially as it is winter and freezing and the cat uses any opportunity to steal my spot.

I’m also experiencing quite a heavy sensation in my uterus and what I’m fairly certain are the odd round of Braxton Hicks. I once had a midwife tell me that it was impossible to get Braxton Hicks before 36 weeks, I call bullshit on that one. They aren’t painful or anything, I’m just very aware of the tightening sensation, in fact I’m having one right now as I type this.

I discovered this week that Babybond have opened a clinic not too far from where I live and now I’m very tempted to book in for a 4D scan. I had a 4D with the boy and it was fantastic. The husband is against it though because we didn’t have one with Squishy (we were planning our wedding while I pregnant with her and that ate up all our spare funds) and he thinks it would be unfair. He’s also worried about it accidentally relieving the pertinent parts since we are determined to stay Team Yellow. I guess we have some time yet to make up our minds.

So that’s how things stand at 14 weeks. Until next time….


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