More rage but it’s not all bad

There is a reason why programmes like the Jeremy Kyle show are so popular, or why people buy magazines like That’s Life! or Take A Break. We love to be nosy, and we love to read all about other people’s dirty laundry. Admittedly I never watch the Jeremy Kyle show and I only pick up Take A Break if I happen to find them in the bathroom of my mother’s house, but I’m not immune from that urge, not at all. I LOVE a good gossip. I have a friend, despite the fact that we live in the same town and actually probably within about 15 minutes walking distance of each other’s houses 99% of our friendship is carried out via google chat. I relish my chats with her, she sees much more of the outside world than I do (Tesco on a Sunday does not count) so she can report back all the scandal that I’m missing out on by being eternally pregnant and housebound.

So bearing in mind that fact that people love to read about other people’s dirt…. I’m going to bitch about my brother-in-law (BIL) and his fiancée again. They have still not said word one about this pregnancy, including when we spoke to them on skype on Boxing Day. Naturally after my scan yesterday I posted the picture on Facebook. I had lots of “likes” and lovely comments from friends and family, but still nothing from the brother-in-law or his wife to be.

Then today this happened –

My sister-in-law posted a picture of the pancakes she was making for her boyfriend. The wife to be was SO impressed by this she was moved to comment. Yes she commented about the fricking pancakes. The husband had to physically stop me from typing “seriously? Are you fricking kidding me? If the baby had chocolate chips would you be more interested then???”

Instead I went on a passive aggressive rant in my status and dropped a couple of c-bombs. I then realised that my father is on my list of FB friends and I forgot to hide the post from him and I was just mortified because I’m even though I am 30 years old I still call my father “Daddy” and won’t curse in front of him. I am not sure if it’s the crazy pregnancy hormones that made me almost hulk out. It would be easy to blame that, but it’s just possible that I am at the absolute end of my tether over their utterly shitty behaviour. My best friend (with whom I share too much) had to drive over and whisk me away to Starbucks for a calming latte and an extended bitching session until the rage in me subsided and I was fit to be returned to the general population again.

I shouldn’t be shocked by anything they do. I shouldn’t really be surprised or hurt or angry. I should make it my new year’s resolution not to let them get to me any more, or maybe I should make it to be that I learn to nut up and call them on their bullshit.

Seems like an awfully negative way to end the year, so I’m not going to end it this way. I am very grateful for the lovely people in my life (who happen to agree with me that BIL is an appalling arsehole), I am grateful for the support I get from my friends and family, I am grateful for the laughs we’re having along the way.

Actually something very nice happened today. The Boy was sitting playing quietly with his new dragon castle when he turned to me and said –

“Mammy, me and you and Daddy and Squishy, we all had a lovely Christmas.”

He’s right you know.


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