Let’s simplify things by complicating them

I booked in with the midwives yesterday. At some point between booking in when pregnant with Squishy and now they’ve decided that paper and pen is horribly outmoded and have introduced a computerised system, which is great I’m sure…. except… well… it took an hour and a half to book in because the midwife had to stop every few minutes and delete something, mutter at the screen, furrow her brow about why it wasn’t working, leave the room to get help, come back, try again, get more help etc. I think Squishy’s booking appointment took 20 minutes. I preferred that system, it didn’t leave me horribly anxious that my babysitter would be pulling their hair out over me disappearing for around two hours. And that’s it, I won’t see the midwives again until 28 weeks, so that’s a few days after my 31st birthday in April. In the meantime I’ll have two hospital appointments, my dating scan at 12-14 weeks and my anomaly scan at 21-23 weeks. They really do leave you to your own devices once you’re multiparous which suits me just fine. Right now it looks like a home birth is just dandy too, on paper anyway, assuming everything continues to go well.

After the booking appointment I went and got the flu vaccine. It’s a little controversial I know. I’ve debated with myself about whether or not to do it (I didn’t get it during the swine flu outbreak, but then I HAD swine flu so I guess I didn’t need it by the time they offered it to me). I keep thinking about a thread I read on Fertilityfriend.com about whether or not people would get the vaccine, one woman said she had gotten it during her last pregnancy. She’d had a scan at 10+2, had the vaccine a few days later and discovered that her baby died within a day of getting of the injection. I KNOW vaccines are safe, I KNOW it’s good science, I vaccinate my kids, but I can’t help but worry what if I am wrong?

After the flu clinic I was off to the dentist. It really was a busy day. I had the midwife, the flu clinic nurse and the dentist all ask me “Is this your first pregnancy?” they all looked rather nonplussed when I said “it’s my fourth” (well technically sixth but I didn’t get in to that, except with the midwife who needed to know for her records). Apparently I don’t look old enough to have four kids. I’ll take that as a compliment! Though the husband was quick to point out to me that when the new baby is the same age as our eldest is now, our eldest will be twenty. Holy Crap.

Symptoms update – the boobs are hurting less. I don’t feel the need to scream quite so much when breastfeeding which is joy, though it did give me a few days of paranoia.

Indigestion – I am living on Zantac right now (well Tesco’s own version I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Zantac). I had a horrible bout of trapped wind last night, it was really sharp stabbing pain between my shoulder blades. I actually had to ask the husband to burp me. He was patting me on the back (probably a little harder than he needed to, to be honest, but he’s smarting over a weekend of me being a Raging Bitch apparently). Squishy ran over and said “hey daddy! Get your hands off my mammy!” I laughed and the husband panicked “what if this is her first memory and she thinks I’m beating you up?”

Frequent urination – I HATE this one. I especially hate it because it is winter and so very cold to get out of bed, the cat usually steals my spot on the bed, the bathroom is in between the two little one’s bedrooms which makes flushing a sort of roulette experience. I do have an ensuite bathroom but the shower leaks and the landlord has refused to fix it so right now it’s just a rather large closet where the kids Christmas presents are hidden.

Still a moody, mardy cow, and very randomly angry with the world. Last night I dreamt I was having a huge row with a friend of a friend who irritates me by endlessly posting photos of themselves pouting on facebook.

And finally –

I think we’ve finally come up with a nickname for the baby. We’ve had a few suggestions from people as to what they think the scan photo looks like, including –

A potato

A kidney bean

 A monster munch crisp. No flavour specified, possibly pickled onion.

A Birdseye Chicken Dipper – like a chicken nugget but slightly fancier.

And finally a Poppler, the delicious infants of the inhabitants of planet Omicron Persei 8 on Futurama. So for now the baby is known as Poppler.


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