I am so unbelievably angry right now I can barely put it in to words.

My husband spent some time this afternoon in his sister’s house, when he got back he casually mentioned to me that he’d told her our news. I hit the roof. He might as well have put on it facebook because every single member of his family will know about it now before the day is out. She blabbed the news of our first pregnancy so I had everyone talking about me behind my back for a few weeks, and she blabbed about the miscarriage to at least my husband’s other sister because I had her contact me all out of the blue asking how I was and sniffing around trying to get the gossip.

I was so looking forward to breaking the news on my terms in my own way, at Christmas when it could be extra special and he’s just gone and ruined that.

I’m so angry too that he said something when we’re not even at 12 weeks yet. We have the repeat scan tomorrow, what if we don’t get good news and have a bunch more people to tell about it?

I know I’ll get over it but right now I’m so completely pissed off!


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