I may be biased…

but I think my baby is already exceptionally cute.

Yes I saw the baby! It’s a teeny tiny 1.2cm in length (from crown to rump) and it has teeny tiny little limb buds and a gorgeous fluttering heartbeat and seems to be doing quite well in there. They want me back for a repeat scan in two week’s time to make sure everything is continuing to go well but I am SO relieved. I’ve been a ball of sicky nerves all day, dreading the scan and dreading that I’d get bad news. I was so relieved when they put the scanner on my stomach (yay for external scans! but of course it meant I shaved my legs for nothing….) and I could see the baby right away. The whole thing took less than a minute.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture but I’m really hoping they will give me one next time.

I am so happy right now.


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