Having a heat wave….

I’ve been going on about how big I think my stomach has gotten already and it occurred to me that it might help to have something to compare it to, so here is a before picture of me

I’m afraid I don’t have a sideways shot, but maybe this will give a little bit of perspective on how much I’ve pooched out in recent weeks.

I have a new symptom to add into the mix now – hot flushes. I thought they were the preserve of menopausal women, I’ve certainly never experienced them in pregnancy before, but no apparently they can happen to preggos too. It’s something about a rush of hormones. Wow they are unpleasant, just crazy waves of heat that wash over me making me break out in a sweat and feel the need to strip off some layers. They don’t help the nausea either. I was sitting last night with my hubby trying to watch Boardwalk Empire when one hit me. I had to run from the room to be violently ill and then I took myself to bed where I could lie and moan and hope the feeling would go away. I think my dreams last night were sponsored by Blackberry as I spent a fair portion of the night wandering around the Ritz hotel looking for Steve Buscemi before running into Jeremy Irons (in full pope regalia) and realising it was actually him I was looking for because I had a giant sword to give him. Interpret that one Freud. Clearly I am spending too much time watching Sky Atlantic.

And hormones are strange, strange things.



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