Six Weeks

Six weeks today. I tried googling to find a picture of what a baby looks like at six weeks, but seriously I don’t recommend doing it, it brought up far too many distressing and graphic images from anti-abortion sites. Let’s just say it looks much like it did last week, just a little more defined and should now roughly be the size of a lentil.

Which is INSANE given how big my stomach is.

Today we had a party for Squishy’s birthday and I spent most of it hoping that people just didn’t notice or that if they did maybe they’d think I was just getting fat, not that I want them to think that either. I’m still struggling with the body image issue.

I also spent today trying to hide the morning sickness. For the past three days I’ve had a sort of low grade constant nausea, but this morning was the first time I’ve woken up feeling sick. I’m now alternating between feeling sick and feeling hungry. I put a good solid week of healthy eating behind me but it’s sort of falling apart a bit in the last couple of days, especially today with so much party food around. I feel enormous. I feel way more pregnant than I am. I certainly look way more pregnant than I am.

I’m also suffering a fair amount of heartburn already. This is so different to my other pregnancies. With my girls I had very mild nausea from about 8 weeks on, usually just a little in the afternoon, with my son I would have been sick every morning up until about 17 weeks. This is the first time I’ve had all day nausea but I can only hope it’s a good sign that all is going well.


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