My issues with birth boards

I posted on a July birth board asking if anyone else has been feeling the same gnawing hungry I’m currently afflicted with. It seems to me that within an hour of completing any meal or snack I’m hungry again. Not just peckish but properly empty belly, rumbling, grumbling STARVING. I’m trying to fill the void with fruit, making sure my meals are protein packed, avoiding empty calories and drinking plenty but it’s not helping, so I’m grazing constantly throughout the day.

The replies I got from the  other ladies varied, some reported the same, some are too nauseous to eat, some feel no difference at all.

One said this

“I’m only a size 8 so never eat much anyways, not changed yet…. but Im sure ill get more hungry as I go on… hopefully lol… I’m sure a bowl of cereal and a yogurt a day isn’t enough! X”

I’m fighting back the urge to reply “oh f*ck off”

That’s for a number of reasons

1. Jealousy (I’d love to be a size 8 frankly)

2. She’s showing off (I’m super slim and have superb self-control you fatty fatty gorb)

3. Clearly this woman has some sort of eating disorder if she habitually survives on what can be only about 500 calories a day max.

4. Or she’s just a liar

5. Even if she is a liar, it puts pressure on other people to cut back, which given the state we are all in could be downright dangerous.

I’ve taken part in a number of online discussions over the years about diet and nutrition and one thing that always creeps into it is a competitive element, for some it’s the amount they can eat without seemingly gaining weight and for others it goes in the other direction and amounts to surviving on sunshine and farts (with a glass of warm water and lemon).

Obviously this is a sensitive subject for me, and what might not raise an eyebrow on someone else is giving me the rage. I just need to remember that there is always a competitive edge to these boards whether it’s who has the most symptoms or who gives birth “the best”*.

I shouldn’t let it wind me up.

But when I’m hungry I get cranky.

*this is measured alternatively by the most dramatic or the most “natural” birth, both usually last about 4 days.


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