After I wasted my last two digitals on Friday I had to order some more. I needed to see that 3+ you see, so I could content myself that things were going as they should.

Well imagine my joy when the package hit the door mat about 10 minutes ago. The toddlers gathered around and asked “what you get mammy?” and I gleefully replied “Pee sticks!!!” before running off to the bathroom.

I have to apologise for the slightly ropey photo. I had to take it with my web cam. But yay! 3+ and now only two weeks to go until my scan.

A little check in on how the symptoms are going –

  • Not really had anymore nausea, maybe a felt a little blurgh from time to time but nothing serious.
  • Quite tired in the evenings. I manage staying up to 10 o’clock maximum and then I’m asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.
  • The frequent trips to the bathroom thing is kicking in too, I’m starting to wake in the night with the need to go.
  • Sore boobs continue. Every nursing session with Squishy is now punctuated with “arghs!!!!!” which she finds hilarious.
  • Dog Nose – hypersensitive to smells.
  • My skin seems to be calming down a little, not quite as oily or spotty as it was post ovulation.
  • Still tormented with wind/gas.
  • Increased appetite. I could eat every hour if I could get away with it. Still sticking to my propoints allowance so I think I’m going to have to whip up a large batch of zero point soup and satisfy my snacking urge with that.

So that’s how things stand at 5+2. This week I will mostly be trying to distract myself with preparations for Squish’s 2nd birthday on Thursday (and party on Saturday). If only she really liked Lego, Lego cakes are very easy to do, but no she’s developed a recent love of Winnie the Pooh. I’m trying to get my mother in law to dig out her winnie the pooh cake pans but if that fails I may attempt a honeycomb ice cream cake instead. I can’t believe my baby is almost two, she still seems so small (maybe because she’s a shorty). I keep wondering how she is going to react to the new baby when it comes along. Her brother was only 14 months old when Squishy was born, really just a baby himself. His reaction to her wasn’t bad, but he did sit on her. My husband left the two of them alone in the living room while he went to the bathroom, Squish was in her bouncing cradle chair and the Boy was sitting in the floor playing with his toys. When I came into the living room he was sitting on the chair bouncing up and down on top of a bemused looking baby.

So hooray for 3+ and now I shall leave the pee sticks alone.


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