It’s Official

I got my official confirmation from the doctor yesterday that yes I am in fact up the stick, up the duff, baking a bun in the oven, with child and sprogged up, though I believe they just record it as “pregnant.”

It was sort of a relief to get that result. Last time the dip test they did came back as only “faintly positive.” I remember in my pregnancy with my youngest, also coming off the back of a miscarriage, I was so scared that the doctor’s test would be negative that I stopped at a pharmacy on the way to my appointment and picked up a test. I dipped that into the sample pot and waited for those two lines to appear before handing it over the nurse, and then to be doubly sure I bought a digital test on the way home. No such craziness this time, but it was still a relief to have it all official like and now I have my appointment made to book in with midwives.

I’m dreading that a little. I’m not sure how popular I am at the community midwives’ office. I kicked up a bit of a fuss to have homebirths with my last two. Now I have to say there was no reason at all why I wasn’t a good candidate for homebirth on either occasion. I was in good health and had uncomplicated pregnancies and I live within five minutes of the hospital if there was ever a need to transfer. Some of my local midwives just weren’t very happy with the notion of homebirths in general. I experienced all kinds of bullying and obstruction and scare tactics during my antenatal care. I was in fact the only person in my city to have a planned home birth in 2008, yet I was told at the time that five other women were booked in for homebirths at the same time as me and that it was dealt with on a first come first served  basis. I remember at one appointment the senior midwife going through my birth plan, tutting and outright laughing in places, muttering “where do they come with this stuff?” as she came across things like my request to tear naturally rather than receive an episiotomy. I left the appointment in tears, feeling about an inch tall. There are a few things I have learnt since then and one of them is that there is absolutely no point in getting upset about this stuff, or arguing with them at the stage when everything is hypothetical, now I know to just smile, nod and do whatever the heck I’m going to do anyway. Hopefully they have learnt by now that there’s no point in bullying me either.

Credit where it is due though, the midwives that turned up on the day to deliver my son and daughter were absolutely wonderful, supportive, consummate professionals and I could not have faulted their care.

I’m getting ahead of myself here anyway.

I have my appointment for the 2nd week of December and then I don’t think they see me again for a long, long time. In subsequent pregnancies you are pretty much left to your own devices for the vast majority of it so even if I do run into some baggages again I won’t have to spend too much time with them.

In other news the vivid dreams are continuing but the quality is improving, last night it was Simon Pegg. I’m so glad my husband doesn’t read this blog.

And finally….

I am 5 weeks pregnant today and apparently this is what the baby looks like now, obviously minus all the arrows and words.


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