Green Around the Gills

I had planned not to break the news to any of a family members for a long time. I have this little fantasy see, I’ll be about 12 weeks at Christmas, so in my fantasy I’ve had a scan before then and when we have everyone around for Christmas day I’ll pull out my scan picture and say “Look what the husband got me for Christmas!”

Life decided to derail that plan today. I went out with my mum this morning to go get some wool (yes I’m still knitting – badly). It was all going fine until she turned a corner, the car lurched and so did my stomach. I had to get her stop so I could get out, breathe deeply and try very hard not to hurl all over the pavement. I then spent the rest of the morning trying not to hurl in the car, at the wool shop, in the supermarket, in the butchers, in my own kitchen etc. I feel SO sick, just constant background nausea, which is helped by eating for around 5 minutes before it starts up again.

On the one hand I’m quite pleased, as it’s a sign of good strong hormone levels, but on the other hand, I thought it might be a few weeks yet before this started up. Still, it’s only day 1 so right now I’ll try to be grateful for it.

So I had to confess all to my mum and she is delighted for us, which is lovely, and at least I still have the rest of my family and the in-laws to break the news to, so maybe I can fulfill my little fantasy yet.


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