And then some more….

My eldest daughter is off school today for her midterm break. During the week the mum of one of her classmates texted me to ask if her son to come over as both she and her husband were working. He’s a nice kid and I was happy to have a bit of distraction for my eldest, anything beats the pre-teen eye rolling and hearing “I’m bored!” on a loop.

But that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy her, and after the OPKs this morning well I was frankly looking for an excuse to go in to town. So I gathered the kids up and deposited my eldest and her friend into the local cinema to watch the new Tintin movie while I made a little side trip to local branch of Superdrug.

So I’d gone as far as to buy a test.

How could I possibly resist using it?

This is what is technically known as a Big Fecking Positive (that’s the Irish term for it).

Oh my god! I cannot believe it! I am SO thrilled, and scared, and thrilled, and slightly nauseous, and hankering for another bacon sandwich, and nauseous again. I am feeling very positive, this is much darker than any of the tests that I got last time round.

So next week it’s off to the doctor to confirm it with them and keep my fingers crossed that they’ll send me for an early scan. I didn’t get to 15 DPO before testing, but I think 13 dpo showed an iron will for me.



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