Come on, come on, come on….

Not to wish my life away but seriously this week is DRAGGING. I’m sure it should be at least January by now.

12 dpo today and it’s getting harder and harder to stay away from the pee sticks. It will be especially hard tomorrow because not only is it darling hubby’s payday BUT I also have to go into town, which will mean passing at least 4 pharmacies that I can think of. I ordered some Clear Blue digital tests from eBay yesterday, thinking ah ha! it says they’ll take 4-6 days to arrive so that will stop me from testing early. Now I’m thinking 6 days is an awfully long time from now. I was hoping to last to the weekend, can I really last to the middle of next week?

I’m also debating now whether or not my definition of the weekend is Saturday or Sunday. Okay I know, I know that I said Sunday. Damn. That’s the problem with writing this stuff down, I can’t get away with anything.

Come on already!!!!


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