Life in the Two Week Wait

This is shamelessly stolen from Shinxie, a poster on, but it made me laugh and so I had to share.

Day 1 – I have loads of patience, I’m gonna be totally cool.

Day 2 – Afraid to pee ! what if I pee out the sperm?

Day 3 – Damn im tired.. could this be a sign ?

Day 4 – Not tired today.. I KNEW IT >.< this cycle has FAILED!

Day 5 – If the elevator doesnt stop at the 10th floor it means im pregnant.

Day 6 – I want a glass of wine dammit !… but I wont…


Day 8 – One week down…I just KNOW I’m pregnant

Day 9 – Why aren’t my boobs sore?!

Day 10 – Why is everyone not caring enough for me, don’t they know I might be pregnant!?

Day 11 – POAS results – BFN

Day 12 – Angry calls to people just to rant and vent out!

Day 13 – I hate the world everyone can KISS MY BARREN ASS!

Day 14 – HPT – Oh cool BFP 😀


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