One Day At A Time

My mother is fiercely against testing early. Back in her baby making days the HPT wasn’t available. You had to go to the doctor if you wanted to diagnose a pregnancy and even then the doctor wouldn’t countenance seeing you until you had missed….. TWO periods.

Can you imagine that? A six week wait? Do any of us now have the patience to sit things out that long? Frankly I’m impressed by the people who wait until their first period is late to test, anyone who did that and then sat on their hands for a further cycle deserves a medal.

Okay maybe waiting that long is a bit extreme but I keep thinking if my mum (admittedly because she had no other option) could do it then I can wait a bit too.

I’m very proud to say that I did not take my temperature this morning (or sneaked a look at it last night like it could tell me something useful), I haven’t checked my CP (CM is viewed with only a passing interest), and most importantly I haven’t gone on ebay and ordered 50 cheapie tests. Admittedly I’m only 4 DPO and have a full ten days to go but my resolve is pretty high and I’m feeling positive that I can do this. Actually I’m so nervous after the miscarriage I think I’d even prefer to be like one of this women on I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and skip the whole testing and 9 months of worry thing entirely (I would however prefer not to give birth into a toilet).

Speaking of that show, I caught a bit of it a few days ago and nearly wet myself laughing at the stupidity of the voice over “she may have gotten pregnant because she wasn’t using birth control….” Really? *face palm*

10 days to go…


3 thoughts on “One Day At A Time”

  1. Just posting to say that I’ve read through all your archives and love your blog! I’m in cycle two of TTC my first, and am so happy to have found a blog written by someone so funny and smart who likes all the right things (Game of Thrones AND Stephen Fry? Be still my heart!).

    I hope that things start moving more quickly for you, and that you get some clear info about where your cycle is. If it makes you feel better, you’ve got a random internet stranger wishing you very, very well!

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