Back to OPKs

Today I took delivery of 30 OPKs, so I get the “fun” of POAS every day. POAS has really lost it’s charm for me. I don’t find it fun or exciting any more. I think I used up my quota of POAS enthusiasm over the last couple of years, but at least with using the OPKs I feel like I’m doing something and it takes a smidgen of the guess work out of this. I decided not to use the Fertility Monitor this month either since I’m not at all sure about my dates or what CD I am, but I have decided to go with SMEP. We tried SMEP when we conceived our daughter so I’m fairly confident about how well it works.

For the uninitiated SMEP is the Sperm Meets Egg Plan. The idea is to cover all your basis. Basically from about day seven you get jiggy with it every other day up until you get a positive OPK, then you do it three days in a row, rest for a day, do it again the next day and then collapse exhausted and thank your lucky stars you didn’t even have to think about sex again for at least a few weeks. I have no idea who came up with this but I’m sure a bit of googling could probably provide the answers. It’s really for hardcore TTC-ers or the overly randy. I fall into the first category. I have 3 children and I never have enough sleep. I have vague memories of what a sex drive is, I believe I had one back around the same time I had a social life, and alcohol figured a lot in both. It’s probably a testament to how tired I am that one of my biggest objections to having to start over is all the effort involved. In the evening all I want to do is having a cup of tea and a biscuit, then pass out by 10 o’clock while watching dvds of 30 Rock. Occasionally I’ll make an exception and stay awake till 11, like tonight for example when Fringe is on at 10. Yes I am VERY rock n roll.

But needs must and all that so SMEPing it is.

I could do with a nap.


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