Onwards and Upwards

I agonised about whether or not to go back to the EPU today for the follow up appointment. There was a part of me that didn’t think there was much point, they were only going to tell me what I already knew, but I also had a lot of questions, so in the end after a lot of internal argument I decided to go.

I’m actually really glad that I did.

They did a repeat urine test (negative) and another scan (also negative) and then another beta hcg test (just got the result and it was 2), but I got a chance to have a good chat with the doctor about it and get the answers that I needed.

He believes it was an ectopic pregnancy that resolved itself. I also asked about the bleeding. I’ve been sitting here for the past week or so waiting for a period like bleed and worrying that if that didn’t come I’d need some sort of treatment to bring it on. The doctor told me that I may not necessarily have a bleed like that, the spotting I had probably passed the majority of the tissue and if I didn’t have a full on period like bleed it wasn’t something to worry about.   He said that the fact that I’m still breastfeeding may be suppressing it, and he also told me I could have some more spotting for a few weeks but I can largely consider this done and dusted (and on a side note the doctor looked like my husband’s best friend’s long lost twin – which was oddly reassuring in itself).

I felt so positive leaving there today, which was in itself a slightly weird feeling. I’ve been agonising about putting this all beyond me and getting on with things but now I feel that I can. So I’m really glad that I went and now I can move on.


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